It always sounds so wonderful and exciting!

In fact, it is the signature saying in any product, book, late night infomercial and sales pitch.

“This will change your LIFE”

And as hokey as it sounds, we fall for it every time. We continuously search high and low for that magic formula, magic bullet or the answer to our prayers.

Eventually, we see that the price of this solution, which ALWAYS ends in a “7,” might have been better spent. So, whatever it is that we spent that money on goes on the shelf or in the closet or in a box for the Goodwill because we don’t want the reminders of past failures haunting us with visual reminders of foolish spending.

I wonder why we continue to go down disappointingly Familiar Roads?

Where is the Common Denominator?

I believe that to be consistency. Every single one of those programs and books said to “try it for 90 days to establish a habit.”

At best? Most of us will go a couple weeks then abandon the effort as “Tried it. Didn’t like it. Too Hard…

We did not make the 90 days.

But WHY???

It really goes deeper and I’ve talked to my Life Coach about this almost constantly for a couple years. She is very patient with stuff I don’t “Get” easily.

Let’s look at HOW change occurs.

Usually, There is a Life-Altering Event that forces a change. The Cancer diagnosis, the Doctor telling a person who weighs 500 lbs “Boy, you gonna DIE if you don’t lose a lot of weight in a hurry”, or the simple magic of the birth of a child that one wants to be around for. It really doesn’t matter if the child is yours or a grandchild or a niece.

Newborns are spooky magical in that they can change others’ behavior just by “Being.”
That is the forced change where a decision comes from outside ourselves, wanted or not.

That is the seduction of the programmatic quick fixes, as well. We shed the responsibility of ownership and place our success or failure of the targeted result on the book, program, powders, pouched meals or business success.

Diets are a great example of a typically failed effort.

These days, the buzzword is “Life Style Changes.”

Sounds great, huh?

Many folks buy new shoes and start running down this road only to quit a short time later.

What Happened?

Understand where the motivation comes from. It is not the personal trainer screaming in your ear to push out 5 more. It is not the book. It is not the blond lady on the P90X video program that I hurt myself trying to impress.

It comes from a decision. Your consistent decision. In fact, YOU are the only one who can change your life based on the decision to do so.

Not your spouse. Not your doctor, not anyone but you.

The mechanism for life-altering decisions also come from dissatisfaction with your life as it presently is.

“My pants don’t fit anymore.” “I can’t walk down the street without getting winded.” “A picture that caught us out in the open instead of hiding behind a large plant or a tree.”

I had one of those situations recently. I had a knee repaired a couple years ago and did not resume normal workouts. I was doing a job recently in Tokyo and they sent me pictures of the event. After I realized who I was looking at, I had major disappointment in myself and my everyday workout habits. A decision was made to change that within the next 2 weeks (Measurable consistency).

I’m using the example of weight loss, here because of the platform you are reading this on but any life altering change requires the same mechanics.

“Yagotta WANT it! Nothing else will do.”

LIFE Style Changes sounds like so BIG of a goal, doesn’t it?
I will suggest that Goal Management is not workable. It is too intimidating with too many moving parts and is not doable in the long run.

How about we break it down some more?

How about “Moment Management?”

“IN THIS MOMENT, I will not eat packaged food, or a half gallon of Hagen Daz, or (Yet ANOTHER) gin and tonic?”

Or, taking a more positive spin, “IN THIS MOMENT, I will make food at home, eat good quality vegetables or pasture raised eggs?”

What if we don’t succeed 100% of the time?

So what? Do better tomorrow. If you are eating well 90% of the time, the other 10% has minimal negative effect. Is 90% too much? Then do 80/20% or 75/25%.

Just start somewhere and WANT IT.

Are you bad if you can’t do it initially? Are you weak? No. I would caution against demonizing something we HAVE to do every day to survive. That is Main Stream Media and Advertising programming.

Better choices in the moment. That’s the ticket!

Life is a long time. Moments are manageable.

Decide and Go in a consistent manner!

You got this.


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As a former US Navy SEAL, Dave Mitchell has an extensive background in Antiterrorism, Security, Emergency Management, Training and Large Scale Disaster Exercises. He is currently an Adjunct Instructor for Texas A&M University teaching Homeland Security classes.

He is a graduate of Southern Illinois University with a major in Workforce Education and Development.

After many years in Federal Service and Corporate Contracting, Dave shifted gears and developed his interests in body/mind health and attended the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. He is now a Certified Holistic Health Educator and is also certified through the American Association of Drug Free Practitioners.

He is also a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, Reiki Practitioner and Certified Life Coach.

Dave concentrates his practice around corporate clients handling high performance stress, adrenal fatigue, thyroid problems and older clients with emerging health issues.

Designated as a Master Gardener, Dave has a keen interest in growing groceries in an organically safe and wholesome manner.

When at home, Dave is considered a pet toy and “Cat Staff”…