Affiliate Resources

Below you will find some how-tos as an affiliate. (Videos are at the bottom of the page!)

If you are not an affiliate yet or you are trying to login as an affiliate, then you need to go to the AFFILIATE AREA:

Affiliate Area

You will come to a page that looks like this.
Register as a new affiliate at the top portion of the form or login at the bottom where is says “Log into Your Account”

Affiliate Resources

Once you are logged in, you will see a page with your AFFILIATE ID and a REFERRAL URL:

Affiliate Resources1







The REFERRAL URL is an affiliate link to the whole site. If someone is referred using this link and goes to any product that is part of the affiliate program and makes a purchase, you as an affiliate will get credit for it.

If you are promoting a certain product or service, you can create a Campaign for that.

Go to the website and find the product that you are trying to promote. Once on that page, go to the top and highlight and copy the link to the page you are on. (Highlighted in blue)

Affiliate Resources2

Now go back to the AFFILIATE AREA and paste the URL in the Page URL field and click Generate URL.

Affiliate Resources3

You will get a REFERRAL URL (affiliate link) that you can share to your list.

Affiliate Resources4

Another way to do this is to just copy and paste the URL of a product that is part of the affiliate program and add your AFFILIATE ID at the end of it.

Example:   +   AFFILIATE ID  (located on AFFILIATE AREA page)= ID

Just add:  


at the end.

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