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3 Pieces of Advice for Aspiring Health Coaches

So you’re thinking about becoming a health coach? Before you dive in and invest thousands of dollars on just any school that tells you that you can become a successful health coach in four weeks or six months…etc., let me help you make some real sense of the coaching...

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Coach Says, Client Says

*This safe language series is based on my Education, Preparation & Action method of coaching. Client: I want you to tell me what to eat. Just send me a list of meals. I don't want to have to think about it. Coach: I feel like the best approach to lasting change is...

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How to Respond to “I Can’t Afford You”

We've all been there. You do a free 15-minute consultation with a client who is really interested in working with you and is in great need of your help. Afterwards, you send them the intake form and your fees and wait eagerly for their response. Soon enough, you get...

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Do You Need a Coaching Certification?

Are you an aspiring health coach who is wondering if you need a certification to build a career? Or, are you a health coach who feels they need to continue taking course after course and adding letters to their name? If so, this blog post is for you. There is so much...

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Where Do You Go From Here?

Are you new to coaching or even still in school and just super psyched about helping people live their healthiest lives? Or, are you a seasoned coach that has reached a frustrating plateau in your business (or even considered quitting coaching)? Regardless of where...

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