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How Not To Turn Clients Off In the First Session

Are you turning off potential clients right at the start? Well, not YOU per se but your approach. A couple ways I am seeing this happen are based on learned behaviors as a coach. Let me give you some examples of ways that clients may be turned off and how to flip that...

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Have you scared away clients with this approach?

Many of us have been through an elimination diet or food plan. The process is to completely exclude specific inflammatory foods (such as gluten, soy, sugar, dairy) all at once and add each one back, one at a time over a period of time, to figure out which food may be...

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Top 7 Myths of Health Coaching

Too many health coaches hold these seven myths as truths. What's important is to get into action -- safely and wisely. Take a look at these myths and see if any of these are keeping you stuck. 1. Myth: You need to learn as much as possible about health (more classes...

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