A Familiar Road

It always sounds so wonderful and exciting! In fact, it is the signature saying in any product, book, late night infomercial and sales pitch. “This will change your LIFE” And as hokey as it sounds, we fall for it every time. We continuously search high and low for...

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Say it with me..."Soy is not a health food, soy is not a health food..." Soy has been touted as a health food for many years and has taken the vegan population by storm. Proclaimed a healthy alternative for protein and a delicious alternative to milk, soy is being...

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Okay so this is going to be a pretty brief blog on GERD and heartburn because I am going to let the expert, Chris Kresser do all the work with there source listed below. I will however, start with my own story. About 13 years ago I got burning in my throat and reflux...

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Every night I get ready for bed with the same routine....lavender spray, eye mask, lotion and sleep wave sounds or white noise and a book. I try to do all of this within the natural hour of my own sleep schedule (9:15-10:15) to optimize the quality of my sleep, and...

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