The Institute for Functional Health Coaching™ is Coming Soon!

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Are you a health coach?

Ready to optimize your health?


I am a certified health coach with a firm belief in taking accountability and responsibility for our own health.  As a graduate of IIN (Institute of Integrative Nutrition) with over 15 years of self study and six years of coaching experience I have made it my goal to educate other coaches only approach to functional coaching.  Empowering the client is key.   I don’t believe in fad diets, calorie counting, quick fixes or packaged meals.

I believe that whole food is the gateway to better health.   Through my unique method of approach: Education, Preparation and Action anyone can live a more optimal life.   Getting healthier means overcoming obstacles in a manageable way and meeting people where they are at.  I teach my coaches (students) how to implement my functional coaching approach to save them time and create a partnership with their clients to accomplish their goals.  

Health Coaching doesn’t have to be hard, scary or complicated.  We are all human beings, created the same way and we need the same basic foundations of health to live well.  What most clients and coaches are missing is the system to put it all together.  I created a method and teach it to coaches around the world so even more people can be positively impacted.  

Carmen Hunter CHC



I provide the most reliable resources and information on health related topics and research.



Being successful means being prepared and taking manageable steps toward goals.



This is where the magic happens and empowerment becomes a tangible feeling.



Inspiration comes from seeing results from taking simple steps toward better health.

Years of study


One-on-one and Group Coaching

Health Coaches helped


 “I believe that wellness starts with being mindful of our choices while accepting life in this present moment and taking full responsibility for our health.” Carmen Hunter


I met Carmen through her Facebook group for health coaches. Since then, I’ve been blown away by her depth of knowledge on all aspects of health. She is a hormone genius, so I decided to take her Thyroid Class for Health Coaches. In layman’s terms, she clarified the confusion around hormone imbalances, thyroid disease, and adrenal stress–all recurring themes with many of my own clients. Not only did the class teach me how to go about treating them, but it also helped in regards to my own health. It empowered me to ask my doctors the right questions and request specific tests pertaining to my individual health concerns. Additionally, Carmen has provided advice on how to better deal with difficult clients and issues that I feel are sometimes out of my scope of practice, as a new health coach. Through her guidance, I have developed confidence and a level of professionalism I didn’t know I could attain. She has been a godsend since starting my practice and I look forward to continue learning from her to improve the health of my clients. —Claudia Petrilli, Health Coach Health Coaches Click Here


“I can’t say enough great things about Carmen! For years, I struggled with overwhelming fatigue and pain. After being (mis)diagnosed with and treated for chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, psoriasis and mono, I still felt horrible. I had no energy, could barely function and was missing out on life with my family. I came to Carmen not really expecting that anyone could make me feel better but I figured I had nothing to lose. After the first consult with Carmen, I immediately called my husband and said “She gets it!” Carmen really listened to what was going on and, unlike my doctors, did not immediately rush to label me with a disease and write me off with medicine. 2 weeks after my consult, my husband and I started on the lifestyle that Carmen recommended. I have never felt better!!…” -Nikki P. Clarksville, TN More Testimonials Here


A whole food approach means moving away from refined and boxed process foods.  You are either eating to be healthy or eating to be sick.  Take the first step in the right direction today and start with my whole food guide.