Working with Chronic Condition 

and Multi-Symptom Clients:


A Three Month Approach


How many emails and social media ads promise you success?  I bet it’s a TON.  I know this because I see them every day too.  “Three figures in a month, grow your email overnight!”   Who wouldn’t want those things?   But, how attainable are those thing and who’s teaching you the actual coaching part?   

Before you read any further I want you to ask yourself some key questions:  

  • How many people are trying to sell to you that have actually coached clients for more than a year?  How about two years? 
  • How much of your money is going to coaches who have NO real experience but promise you they can increase your income?  
  • Did you pay all that money for school and not get what you needed to actually work with clients?


As a health coach in the coaching trenches for over five years I am confident that I have the experience you need to learn from.  I fully understand the frustration of trying to help people with multiple issues because I have been uncovering client health mysteries for years.  Before we had all the resources we have today I was helping people get to the root of their problems.  I know how it’s done.  I did it for myself and hundreds of others.

I am not going to make false promises based on what I think you want to hear.  I am going to give you real tangible material to use today that’s based on research and experience.  Let’s say a potential client comes to you wanting to lose weight and in the free discovery session you may find out they have:


Muscle pain


Brain Fog

Low sex Drive


and more…

What about if the potential client has a familial history of high blood pressure, diabetes and thyroid issues?  The approach is the same and the investigation is the same.

Your first thought is more than likely “Where do I start??”

Not having a system in place is a time waster for you and your client.  You want to start helping them right away and they want to feel better now.

With the done for you templates in this class you will learn all about your client before your first session which gives you a head start on helping them transform their health!  Put your name on the forms and start right away.  Helping people with multiple symptoms doesn’t have to be scary or intimidating.  It’s actually quite simple! Education, Preparation and Action.  Three steps is all you need.

End the struggle right now


  • Use this done for you method that saves you time
  • Get to the root cause of your clients symptoms with a proven checklist
  • Stay legal in your coaching sessions (yes that should be a concern!)
  • See results in your clients in a shorter period of time
  • Start the process of investigation and stop guessing
  • Learn coaching skills from someone who has been both the chronic condition client and the coach


Are you ready to stop chasing solutions and just start coaching?


What’s offered in this class:

  • A functional intake form (14 pages of high mileage information)
  • Second and Third session follow up forms
  • A Food Guide with a four week plan for your clients
  • A 45 minute slideshow teaching you about chronic condition clients
  • A Doctors Template to give to your clients
  • Real life examples and tips of how to work with complex clients from someone who has done it


All of this for only $97 

This class is based on my experience as the patient (15+ years of study) and the coach (5+ years of actual coaching) and is full of valuable tips.  You will learn steps for creating the “checklist” that can help you get to the root of your clients issues.  Good health can be like a puzzle that needs to be put together one piece at a time.  This method does that for you.

Remember:  It is a self paced class and you have lifetime access to it once you purchase.

Grab this simplified system today and stop the coaching struggle!

Please contact me with any questions about the class content.