Have you ever had a client where you felt you were doing everything right, but you just couldn’t help them to lose that last 10 pounds or there was one part of their health that you just couldn’t figure out? Together you removed high inflammatory foods out of their life, they cleared environmental toxins out of the home, addressed gut health and parasites and got the endocrine system in balance, and yet they still were not optimally healthy.

Did you ever consider it could be related to personal or childhood trauma? Trauma creates stress in the mind, body and cells. It has been known to lead to addiction, depression, weight problems, and may be a contributing factor to autoimmune disease, cancer and much more. To leave trauma out of the equation of someone’s overall health is irresponsible as a health coach. I’m seeing that it’s such a powerful piece that I’m creating it as my sixth foundation of health.

I’m also not inviting us to step in as counselors, therapists or social workers. I simply am saying that it’s important to recognize trauma as a foundational contributor to why your clients may not be as optimally healthy or as well as we know they can be.

One way of addressing this topic is to do deep dives with a comprehensive intake form. It’s important to get the full story of our clients. Having the question about emotional health and mental stability on the intake form are important pieces to know. Not only can you help them navigate through the areas that they may have not thought as interconnected, but also you can make a sound referral knowing that you could additionally help someone outside your area of expertise.

It’s important to recognize personal or childhood trauma that may have a strong hold on your client and you (both) may not realize it. Understanding trauma and how it plays into someone’s overall health needs to be a part of your coaching toolkit.

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