I haven’t made any huge announcements about doing Crossfit because I honestly didn’t know how it was going to go.  Having been someone who went through adrenal issues in 2010, exercise recovery has since been something that I pay very close attention to.   Throw some thyroid disease and hormonal changes in and you can see why I was hesitant to try it at 44 years old.  Well, I bit the bullet and signed up about 6 weeks ago.  I have everything to do cross fit at home, have been doing SOME of it here for a couple of years (burpees, box jumps, jump rope, all those easy things) and we have a concept 2 rower which I got pretty good at BUT….I was getting to the point where I would walk downstairs to work out, see my garden or some weeds, hear the dryer go off…and poof!  All desire to work out was gone and the house and yard took priority.  I ended up doing everything but working out.  My endurance and strength started to waver and the occasional lunge fest with my neighbor  (we did 375 one day on the hills in the neighborhood and it almost killed us both) was not cutting it.  Beyond walking my dogs slowly (all are geriatric except one) I was doing NADA.

It was time to get out of the house and move my tail.  I signed up with Crossfit Solafide and have been committed to it ever since.  My husband and I even visited two gyms while we were in Florida so we could stay on track.  I am loving it so far.  A couple of things I committed to myself before joining were the following:

  • I was NOT going to compromise my form for anything.  Getting hurt is not worth ANYthing to me and being a past personal trainer I know when something doesn’t feel right.
  • I was going to fuel properly EVERY time.  The day before and right after.  Food is fuel.
  • I was not going to take a bunch of stuff to artificially push me through workouts…if my body says “NO” because I am not eating right then I need to wait until I feel right.  So far I am on task with carbs, fat and protein and feel great.
  • If at any time I started feeling like I wasn’t sleeping right or things were changing with my thyroid some how I would back off and take a break.

So for those who knew me when I was personal training I always said “Crossfit isn’t for everyone” and I still say it’s not.  I have friends and old clients I would never recommend it for.  But that goes for running, cycling etc as well.  I feel like cross fit elicits that hormonal response I need at this time in my life (post hysterectomy) and has real benefits for people who know their limits and want to feel stronger and develop a sense of confidence.  I also think it keeps us within that safe range of time for the most benefits.  Long, endurance exercise can be taxing to the adrenals and cause the body to gain weight and live in a state of fight or flight.  This is fast and furious and seems to be working for me.

So with that said if you don’t have any injuries, are at a plateau in your exercise routine, need a kick in the pants or just want to be stronger,  trying Crossfit may be for you.  Just make sure you hydrate properly, eat enough carbs and fat and quality protein and pay attention to your body.