Blog 5 of 30.  So todays blog was going to be about something totally different…until I tried to find a place to eat in Clarksville.  We eat out as a family and order from gluten-free menus around town and just do the best we can sometimes. Just to get a break from cooking and when we don’t have time to go to Nashville for a real dinner.  Tonight I have a friend in town and I wanted to take a break from cooking and just enjoy dinner….so I made a reservation at a local restaurant.  Only to hear it was just not that great.  Then I called another rather “new” local bistro and when I asked if they offer gluten-free items she said “Yes and no.  How allergic are you?”  To which I replied:  “You either eat it or you don’t.  There are no levels of allergy.  Thank you though.”

Someone needs to open a natural food restaurant in Clarksville.  Some thing like what Nerdy Birdy did for baked goods here.  Make it the best gluten-free food EVER and support it!  It’s frustrating to cook almost every single meal from scratch through the entire week and then one night to want to go out and take a break and it’s almost not worth doing.  UGH.  So this is not an informative blog…just a well deserved rant.



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