My ego got in the way when I started out in this business. In 2009 I was a successful personal trainer with a deep desire to help people. I was moving through my own health issues and had learned a ton. I thought I would bust, I wanted to share this information so badly. I had discovered the shortcut to feeling better in my life and I was desperate to get it out to the world.

I was starting to help people at the gym and word got out. More people started to approach me for help, asking about inflammation or how I dealt with my thyroid problem. You know that feeling of pride and inflation? Well I had it in spades. I was thinking to myself, “Finally, people are starting to want my help. They see I know what I’m talking about!” It was a great feeling to get recognized for the work I was doing. I was in demand and this increased my passion for helping others.

And automatically, Ego popped in.

(If you’re not familiar with Ego then please read the book, “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle. It’s super powerful and changed the way that I live my life.)

I believe that you have the Ego and you have the Heart (like the Angel & Devil that sits on your shoulder). You can speak from either. Well, I let the Ego slip in and take the place of what I really wanted to show the world (where the Heart shows up). The Ego stopped me from being the helping contributor that I wanted to be. It was a little voice, a constant message. It was saying, “If you start telling everyone all of your secrets, someone else is going to come in, imitate you and take business from you. Someone else may know more than you. They will hinder your business growth.”

As a result of listening to Ego, I drew back. I kept things more private. I was very careful about what I shared in public. I was hoarding my knowledge and it started to affect my business. I was still getting referrals but sensed the underlying anxiety was hindering my business and my bigger mission of helping as many people as possible.

I read Tolle’s book and it changed the way I thought about my work. I realized that I had been given a gift. I went through a lot of trials with my health to get here. My Heart was saying to me, “Here you sit with all this information and you’re holding it too tightly when there are people out there going through the same thing that you’ve gone through! You can help them.”

In my work of coaching coaches, I felt this was also happening. I was hoarding information and living in fear that if I showed these coaches how I succeeded at coaching someone else would try and take my method and make it their own.

How I was behaving was contradictory and inauthentic to who I wanted to be. I’ve been following business and success leaders for years. One thing that I know to be true from those teachings is not to keep your biggest gift hidden from others. Share your gift with the world. Let others see what you have and they will want more from you. And even if someone tried to copy my coaching model I had to learn to trust that NO ONE was me. No one could deliver this approach the way I could.

That’s when I came up with my signature method approach, Education, Preparation & Action (EP&A). It is the safest method of health coaching that bridges the gap between experts and coaches. I created it and gave it away everywhere in the beginning. I wanted to test it. I knew that what I was doing with clients worked; I had a 99% success rate.

I had to let go of my fear about other people in the space of coaching coaches or marketing to other health coaches. I knew (and now can fully stand in) my approach worked. I’ve been using it successfully for almost 7 years. It is unique to me. It’s aligned with my Heart. Ego would have me constantly living in fear and playing small.

I can provide coaches with information in an authentic, honest way so that coaches can be successful and have an easier, safer way of going through the world of being a health coach. I want to make a bigger impact in the health coaching space and onto their clients. I do that by my programs like EP&A (and others), guides (that you can replicate and rebrand as your own!), social media, and newsletters.

I had to get out of the ego mind and I’m inviting you to get out of the mindset that there are others going to take your business. I have a unique offer. You do too. My original work comes from my trials and success of working with clients, building this business, the mistakes I’ve made and the money I’ve poured into it. There’s no secret. I am not a guru. I don’t know the right stuff right off the bat. I learned it the hard way — by making mistakes and figuring it out.

I want to leave you with this: There are enough sick people in this world for all of us to serve. There are so many people that need our help it would be a dream to be out of business some day. That would mean we had done our job of helping people find health.

Additionally, for other coaches of coaches: Collaboration is the key to helping our community. That’s why I’ve attended Mindshare Summit, why I love bringing other experts to my weekly talks, why I have Pure Gold Resources with tons (over 250!) of featured experts, and why I love supporting other coaches. I am no stranger to promoting others’ works (particularly the programs that I don’t do, like challenges, cleanses and detoxes), summits, and book launches. It’s valuable to our community. I am here to serve.

Products like Muse and organizations like Heart Math Institute show us that when we come from our heart, it changes how our heart beats, how we experience life. I’m living proof that this is true. I’m not holding back any secrets. Simply, I’m not holding back. I encourage you to learn to listen to that Angel (the Heart) and not the Devil (the Ego). That Ego can’t create real business success and neither can fear.