Okay so this is going to be a pretty brief blog on GERD and heartburn because I am going to let the expert, Chris Kresser do all the work with there source listed below. I will however, start with my own story. About 13 years ago I got burning in my throat and reflux that wasn’t going away no matter that I ate. I went to the doctor and he said, “you have heartburn, here’s a prescription for Prevacid.” No questions about what I eat, what I drank how long this has been going on….nothing! I said, “How long do I take this?”

Thinking about his reply today makes me cringe. He replied “For the rest of your life”. For one thing, when a doctor tells me that something is forever I want to ask them what made them God. Who put them in charge of my health destiny? I have learned to tune out when anyone tells me what my future health holds because I know the body is miraculous and is capable of so much more than we give it credit for.Pain in the abdomen or in the stomach of man. Heartburn. Gerd

Back then I was desperate to sleep (it was worse at night which is common) so I got the script filled and I took it twice. Knowing that was not the solution for me I went on trying to find an alternative. I added some apple cider vinegar into my diet and interestingly enough the burning pain in my throat and esophagus disappeared. Even with pregnancy later on I NEVER got heartburn (a common complaint with pregnant people). Not one episode. So much for forever.

Then about about 6 years ago I started with some different digestive symptoms. I was having gas and bloating after eating…I mean every single thing I ate gave me either gas or a hard painful tummy! I researched the symptoms and the least invasive way to fix them and found the following statement “If you suffer from heartburn or GERD you may have too little stomach acid (not too much).” I read the entire recently updated article series found here and started the protocol for HCL replacement he recommends. Within a week my symptoms were completely gone. I mean no more gas, bloating or pain at all. Not a trace.

I am sure your brain is thrumming along with thoughts like these, “Well I didn’t know that gas wasn’t normal when I eat beans?? Isn’t heartburn part of aging? I didn’t think bloating was something to worry about? My Aunt Thelma has heartburn and says it’s normal. My dad takes antacids daily! Broccoli and cheese are supposed to give you gas!”

So all I can say from here is this. Stomach acid does decrease when we age, stress does reduce stomach acid and auto immune disorders cause reduction as well…but it doesn’t have to be painful and we don’t have to treat it with the wrong medication that can totally screw up our overall health. There is a method to balancing everything where you don’t experience these
symptoms. Hear me loud and clear: GERD, bloating, gas and daily constipation are not normal. No matter who you are, how old you are or how long it’s been going on. Don’t accept it as forever.
Settle in, read the ebook series and get educated..then pass it on to Aunt Thelma and everyone else that pops Tums like candy. You will more than likely save them a world of hurt and look smart in the process.

In Health,