Are you a cookie cutter health coach? I get it. Using other done-for-you programs saves time and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. In fact, I even have a few white-labeled programs that you can re-brand as your own. These are quick solutions that provide some structure and quick solutions for your clients. But as the mentor health coaches trust, I’m here to encourage you to step outside of the cookie-cutter approach to health coaching.

Rise above the fray of those that charge too much and offer minimal value. Really be of service to your clients. What I’m talking about is taking your work much deeper than just simply putting someone on a cleanse or offering an herbal supplement for a client with IBS.

I’m talking about stepping outside of what a basic health coach offers and taking a deep dive with you clients. You have an opportunity to dig into why are people getting sick.  Why are people not feeling well? What’s going on underneath the surface of their symptoms? What’s driving these symptoms to appear? We are investigators delivering helpful resources to our clients to help them take charge of their health.  THAT is what health coaches should be doing.

Be the coach that looks at the client from the whole person – from the head to toes – with a functional approach. This way, you engage your clients in conversations of their emotions, their stress, in addition to their food and exercise habits. But please don’t just offer up a simple plan for them to try and “see where they are afterward.” That’s just scratching the surface of what may be their issues. In fact, that may make them feel better temporarily, but it’s important to solve the problem of why they are not well.

Here are four steps to get out of the cookie cutter coaching approach:

Step 1: Get to the WHY. Why are these symptoms presenting themselves? What’s going on underneath that may exacerbate these symptoms? Engage your client in conversations that go deeper.

Step 2: Be a health detective and investigate. In order to offer real solutions to your client’s issues, you need to have a handle on what’s happening. Do you have time-saving resources to help get to the heart of the issues? I have a free 39-page resource guide that is packed with direct links to 250+ cutting-edge, credible wellness resources, resources I’ve used with my own clients for years. Not only will you save time researching the internet, but help you offer valuable information to your clients and present real solutions. (Want to learn more about this free guide? Watch this video.)

Step 3: Get support. Don’t be a lone ranger, renegade health coach on your own. We need each other. If you want to be of better service to your clients have a community that supports each other not just in sharing resources and information, but business-winning strategies that will have your practice thrive.

Be of great service to your clients and don’t just rely on the flat and basic, done-for-you programs for your solutions. You’re better than that. If you need help getting the resources and support you want, I would be happy to be of service to you.