The three D’s method of coaching I have created will take you deeper into your coaching sessions by:

• Helping you DIG into your clients issues beyond food & exercise
• Guiding you to DISCOVER what is really going on through high mileage questions and answers you will receive BEFORE the first coaching session!
• Giving you the ability to DELIVER reliable information in an efficient and easy to understand way

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The documents that come with this method of coaching include:

• A protective disclaimer that covers all areas of your scope of practice
• A method of doing a free consult that only takes 15 minutes
• A thorough intake form (this replaces the health history) PRIOR to your first consult
• How to do a follow up recommendation plan
• Two follow up forms that give you a status update and help you determine how you are doing as a coach (and can gain you testimonials)
• A contract that protects your time and income
• Bonus materials that will elevate you even higher above your competition.
The documents are include a step by step guide on when and how to use them.

Purchase includes a free consult on my method of coaching.  We will walk through the documents one at a time and talk about when and how to use them.

click here to purchase health coach document pack for $150

“Loved the call today. You are extremely organized, concise, easy to understand & an astute instructor. I felt Carmen really knew what she was saying & was more than happy & open to sharing the information. It instills confidence in others which translates to good energy being made & expressed into the world. We need that good energy! Thank you!”
-Gina L.

“I met Carmen through her Facebook group for health coaches. Since then, I’ve been blown away by her depth of knowledge on all aspects of health. She is a hormone genius, so I decided to take her Thyroid Class for Health Coaches. In layman’s terms, she clarified the confusion around hormone imbalances, thyroid disease, and adrenal stress–all recurring themes with many of my own clients. Not only did the class teach me how to go about treating them, but it also helped in regards to my own health. It empowered me to ask my doctors the right questions and request specific tests pertaining to my individual health concerns.

Additionally, Carmen has provided advice on how to better deal with difficult clients and issues that I feel are sometimes out of my scope of practice, as a new health coach. Through her guidance, I have developed confidence and a level of professionalism I didn’t know I could attain. She has been a godsend since starting my practice and I look forward to continue learning from her to improve the health of my clients.”
-Claudia Petrilli,

click here to purchase health coach document pack for $150