Health Coach Mentorship Program

with Carmen Hunter

Mentorship Program

  • One-on-one attention/support through email or Facebook MondayFriday.
  • Two 60+ minute calls per month to cover any topic you need help with
  • A copy of the comprehensive thyroid guide ebook  (every coach should be educated on the basics of thyroid disease as it affects almost every cell and system in our clients bodies) 
  • A copy of her food guide ebook to use with your clients
  • A copy of her coaching documents (customizable for you to use with your logo) to use with your clients (value: $297)
  • An in depth explanation of how to use her proven 3 step functional coaching method 
  • Coaching advice on how to find clients, create content, increase your audience, get unstuck, move past fear and more.
  • 240 health and wellness resources all in one place

YES! I want you to mentor me, save me time and teach me everything you know about the health coaching profession.


Mentorship Program