Who is Carmen and why is she qualified to teach YOU how to have a successful business?

Carmen Hunter is a certified health coach and founder of The Institute for Functional Health Coaching™with over 20 years of self-study and 7+ years of hands on experience coaching clients one-on-one and in groups and over 4 years of mentoring and teaching coaches.

Since she realized how little support health coaches have for buidling their business her passion has turned to sharing her knowledge through IFHC and other trainings for coaches so they can reach their full potential and rise above the average “cookie cutter” health coach. She teaches and practices safe (legal) language and has crafted a method of coaching that she teaches to other health and wellness professionals all over the world. Through using her method Education, Preparation & Action, every coach can be more confident and efficient in their business while making a bigger impact on their clients lives. Her programs and trainings fill the holes that exist in the coaching profession and enable coaches to finally have the business and the life they love.

Carmen teaches an approach that works with every single client no matter their health condition or goal and lowers the risk and liability for your business. Her method of achieving wellness is centered around seven essentials that every human needs to find optimal health. She focuses on whole food choices, safe movement, sleep optimization, changing stress perception, having more fun, addressing traumas and spirituality.

She believes in investigating the reason someone is not healthy and that the symptoms will improve or resolve once the trigger has been found and alleviated. This is what she teaches to other coaches. How to get to the bottom of the issues in an organized way no matter what their condition or diagnosis is. The approach is always the same. You can often hear her saying “A diagnosis is usually just a symptom. Find the cause and alleviate the symptoms.” Most of all she believes coaching should be fun, rewarding and stress free and she aims to help others approach it the same way while safely working within the boundaries of the coaching profession.

You won’t find another coach more dedicated to your success in this business.  


“The only person who ever failed was the person who never took the first step”
Carmen Hunter

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The Healthy and Wealthy Entrepreneur Summit

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  • Health Coach Mentorship & Mastery group:  This is where you can be mentored by Carmen and receive free information and resources.  Live calls occur all month long and live videos every week.  You can’t beat this group!

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Done for you coaching documents are all customizable to use with your clients and follow a three month contract but can be customized for any coaching plan:


I just have to say this, or i am going to bust. I totally got my moneys worth and then some. Its only the end of the second live class day. I have gotten so much out of this already. Plus you make me smile and laugh. I am so glad i get to be apart of this amazing group and thank you for all of your hard work on putting this all together this is not easy work. Even though you make it sound effortless. Thank you!!

Sandy N

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Mentoring program:  This program includes two one hour calls (and recording) and unlimited email support to help you reach any goals for your coaching business.

Brainstorm Session:  This is a one hour call with a recording to help you with any subject you need support with.

Learn more about Carmen and her approach to helping coaches run successful practices in this interview with Michelle McGlade.


Had I known about you last year, I wouldn’t have invested in this $8,000 9-months group coaching program that I just made my last payment for and that didn’t offer me anything close to the support that I have been getting from you during the Health Coaching with Confidence program and now the Brainstorming Mastermind. Thank you very much!

Daniela G.

I’m 20 minutes into watching yesterday’s call and I had to stop to just tell you how grateful I am (I’m getting a little teary-eyed) for everything you are teaching us. You have put so much work into this and I am beyond grateful for all the information and guidance you are giving. I know God has called me to do this and I know that, if He has called me, He will also equip me. I’m so thankful I was led to take your program even though I haven’t even started school yet. Now I know that I won’t finish my program asking, “Now what? And how?” So…thank you

Luanna P

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