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Introducing a completely innovative, simplified and flawless approach to health coaching
One that will allow you to build a thriving practice and fill your business up to maximum capacity in as little as 7 weeks.
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Health coach
Before you take another step further in your health coaching career, you must read this
(your business just might depend on it).
I’m Carmen Hunter, health coach and inspirational mentor to hundreds of other successful health coaches.

You’re here because you so badly want to become a sought-after wellness expert with a thriving practice who helps thousands of clients live completely amazing lives.

It’s why you decided to follow your passion, pursue your education, build a coaching practice, and work so hard to make your goals a reality. But there’s one problem…

Nothing Is Working In Your Favor.
carmen-image-2You earned your education and have a wealth of knowledge to offer your clients, but you’re at a loss when it comes to launching, building, managing, and marketing a successful practice. You’re also unsure of how to put your education to use in order to best serve your clients.

But listen, I don’t want you to feel bad. We’ve ALL been there (yes, even those glamorous wellness gurus who make this career look super easy).

And honestly, it makes perfect sense when you consider that most health education programs don’t cover these practical components.

So here you are…a graduate of a coaching program with colossal dreams, or a newer health coach working day-in and day-out to leave your mark on the world, or even a seasoned coach struggling to pay the bills…at a complete standstill. Time feels frozen. You’re not helping clients, you’re not earning a good income, and you’re certainly not happy.

When I first started coaching, I was in the same position. I had an education, but I was just like you in the fact that I had no systems, no business-building knowledge and no mentor to guide me. In all honestly, I was a train-wreck.

However, over the years and despite my initial setbacks, I was able to get a grip on my business by turning my problems into a solution and creating a functional approach to coaching that can easily be repeated over and over again…

A System That No Other Coach In The Business Uses.
After witnessing this systematic method of coaching take my business to unimaginable heights and receiving resounding approval and praise from some of the leading nutrition schools and most elite health and wellness professionals in the industry, I knew I was on to a strategy that would change the future of health coaching.

I also knew I needed to package this method up and teach it to other aspiring health coaches. This is exactly why I created the signature program I’m going to share with you today.

Coach, I guarantee that the program I’m about to unveil to you today will be as tremendously valuable to you as it’s been to my own business and to the businesses of those I mentor.

So if you’re ready to put an end to the struggle, take some giant leaps forward, and start changing lives like you were meant to, this program is for you.

To your success,


Listen, I know what it’s like to:

Spend so much time researching how to start a business, how to best package your services and how to write your programs…yet feel no further ahead in your business than you were months ago

Feel uneasy about counseling those clients who come to you with an influx of health issues because you aren’t sure how to get to the root of their problems, and you’re worried about pointing them in the wrong direction and jeopardizing their health

Witness your business at a standstill and your bank account in the negative because you haven’t been able to figure out how to hone in on your niche, brand your business, master your marketing and actually attract the right clients

Feel self-conscious about working with clients because you have no real procedure in place that makes you feel confident about the services you offer

Stress over the legal ramifications involved in health coaching, and be afraid of using the wrong language that could land you in serious legal trouble, not to mention threaten your entire business

Invest in program after program on top of your professional education in hopes that at least one will meet your needs, but instead of practical business-building information, they’re filled with all of the same health-related information that you have too much of already—dietary theories, gut health protocols, adrenal fatigue, etc., etc.

And you know as well as I do that something has to give. You know you have too much to offer your clients to let another minute pass in which you aren’t helping someone become healthier and live better.
That’s exactly why I have been working behind the scenes for over four years, testing and tweaking this revolutionary approach to health coaching, and I’m so excited to share it with you…
Health Coaching with Confidence
The Ultimate Blueprint for Elevating Your Coaching Career and Building a Prosperous Practice
Health Coaching with Confidence is an intimate and completely practical 7-week online course where I personally walk you through my entire signature coaching method—one that will take your business from floundering to flourishing, guaranteed.
By enrolling in the Health Coaching with Confidence course,
I guarantee that you’ll experience the following:
(or your money back)

Streamlined procedures and maximized efficiency that results in a more enjoyable coaching experience and greater freedom to enjoy your own life

Reduced operating expenses and amplified profits

On overload of healthy, happy and satisfied clients who rave about your business

An influx of new prospects who are lining up to work with you

Peace of mind knowing that you are not overstepping any legal boundaries that could land your business in serious hot water

What makes the Coaching with Confidence approach different?
This practical method of coaching is built on three key pillars:
Rather than reinventing the wheel and creating your own programs, I’ll show you how to guide your clients to optimal health and happiness by utilizing the resources that are already readily available to you.
No more forcing clients into programs unprepared and without getting to the root of their health problems. I’ll teach you how to set your clients up for ultimate success while reducing your liability.
While most coaches take complete responsibility for the health of their clients, I show you how to let your clients take charge of their own health by being their source of guidance, support and inspiration.
The Curriculum
Through interactive group calls, I’ll personally guide you through the curriculum—just as if we were sitting together at my desk.

The best part? You can ask me any questions along the way and listen as I respond to questions from your peers.

Here is a sneak peek of the content we’ll cover over the duration of the course:

Keeping your health coaching business legal and protected

Navigating warnings, disclaimers, trademarks and copyrights and how to safely use them in your business

Breaking down the industry’s “safe” language and learning how to keep it simple with my invaluable “safe language” chart

Choosing the right insurance coverage that will provide your business with ultimate protection

Fulfilling the necessary licensing requirements

My strategies for understanding, organizing and tracking business taxes so you don’t get burnt during tax season

Growing a thriving business with powerful marketing

Positioning your business for maximum impact

Getting your business off the ground with the right tools like business cards, logos, websites, online shops, etc.

My go-to strategy for acing the free consultation, overcoming doubt and getting clients in the door

When and why you should offer your services for free and how it can amplify your business

The ins and outs of efficient outsourcing and how it can put your client list at maximum capacity

Building your business with social media, including Facebook (profiles, ads and groups), Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube

Providing the ultimate transformational client experience

Setting up an efficient online scheduling system

Knowing when to forgo working with clients including the red flags you should watch out for

Setting your clients up for success via a polished intake procedure that gets results

Deciding on online versus in-person sessions plus how to prepare for an effective first session (I’ll walk you through multiple first-session scenarios!)

Navigating the high-risk first-session discussion of medical questions, supplements, food choices, meals, etc. without stressing over legal boundaries (I’ll walk you through 14 pages of my own high-mileage questions!)

How to use my ultimate 40-page food guide template for your benefit

My strategies for effectively working with those with chronic conditions and those who want to lose weight (I’ll walk you through real-life client examples!)

Utilizing the resources and experts that are available to you rather than recreating work that’s already been done

How to keep your clients on track with their goals after the first session ends

Packaging up your business and boosting your income

Defining and packaging your services to sell more spots

Valuing your services and structuring your fees for minimum hassle and maximum income

Streamlining your payment system—how to invoice and accept payments

Moving beyond the 1-on-1 coaching model and amplifying your income with group coaching

Must-have online tools that will cut costs, maximize your productivity and skyrocket your income

…and so much more
The first 8 students to enroll get a BONUS 60-minute brainstorm session with yours truly (a $175 value)

Only 8 5 spots left!

The first 25 students to enroll get a BONUS module FREE where you’ll learn:

How eating habits affect thyroid function

Teaching clients how to interpret lab results

Sex hormones, iron, estrogen and their role in thyroid health

The connection between liver, gut and thyroid health

Only 25 22 spots left!
As a health coach who graduated from IIN, I felt very confident to start coaching. I was working with a couple clients when I stumbled upon Carmen Hunter's Health Coaching with Confidence course. The first thing that appealed to me was the price. And in hindsight, I feel Carmen could easily charge 5 times the amount and it would be so worth it. Every week, for 8 weeks, Carmen would blow my mind. I learned things that I am appalled are not taught in school. Legal issues, how to do a slide deck presentation, amazing tips on how and why to use Facebook groups, how to do a webinar, great information on the thyroid, adrenal glands, gluten, lab work, etc... The list is endless. After the first couple weeks I changed my business name due to legality issues, started a FB group, learned how to do opt-ins, created a webinar, grew my email list remarkably, and had the complete confidence that I can help anyone, if they are willing to be helped. I cannot thank you Carmen enough for changing the way I coach, for giving me tools that are so valuable that I will use forever. If you are a health coach, please, for your own benefit and for the benefit of all of your clients, sign up for Carmen's course. You will not be disappointed!


Sounds amazing, right? That’s what I was hoping for.
But what if I told you it gets even better?
As part of the program, you’ll also get exclusive access to a powerhouse panel of health and wellness experts, with the most epic live and pre-recorded calls sprinkled throughout the program.
Here are some of the experts waiting to give you tens of thousands of dollars’ worth of business insight, at no additional cost to you…

Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo
Speaking on:
Insulin Resistance and Gut Health
Dr. Ritamarie is the founder of the Institute of Nutritional Endocrinology and a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic. She’s also a certified living foods chef, instructor, and coach, a best-selling author, a speaker, and an internationally recognized nutrition and women’s health authority.

Dr. Gabrielle Pelicci
Speaking on:
Blogging and Authorship
Dr. Gabby is a leading expert on Holistic Medicine, Author of Blissful Business, TV Host at The Health & Wellness Channel, and Expert Wellness Blogger at Huffington Post and Dr. Gabby is also the founder of

Summer Bock
Speaking on:
Gut Health
Summer Brock is an herbalist and fermentationist who has created an avid following with her signature programs The Probiotic Power Cleanse, Gut Rebuilding, the FermentationistTM Certification Program, and The Showcase Club.

Jessica Drummond, MPT, CCN, CHC
Speaking on:
Jessica Drummond is the Founder and CEO of the Integrative Women’s Health Institute, a private women’s health clinical nutrition and coaching practice.

Dr. Keesha Ewers
Speaking on:
Sexology and Healing
Dr. Keesha Ewers is board certified in functional medicine and Ayurvedic medicine. She is a doctor of sexology, psychotherapist, energy worker, yoga teacher, and founder and a host of the Healthy YOU! Radio network.

Lara Adler
Speaking on:
Lara Adler is an Environmental Toxins Expert & Educator and a Certified Holistic Health Coach who trains and educates practitioners within the health & wellness community to better understand the links between environmental chemicals and their impact on disease states.

Trudy Scott
Speaking on:
Anxiety and Neurotransmitters
Trudy Scott is a Food Mood Expert and Nutritionist and the author of The Antianxiety Food Solution: How the Foods You Eat Can Help You Calm Your Anxious Mind, Improve Your Mood & End Cravings.

Megan Buer, CECP
Speaking on:
Emotions in Health
Megan Buer, Founder of Harmony Restored, is a certified Emotion Code practitioner, Reiki healer, wellness coach, author, and blogger. She is also a part of the health team at Revolution Health Center in Virginia.

Kelley Herring
Speaking on:
Meal Genius Demo
Kelley Herring, BS, MBA is the founder and CEO of Healing Gourmet, the world’s leading provider of organic and sustainable recipes and meal plans for health and weight loss. She also served as the Editor-in-Chief of Healing Gourmet’s four-book series published by McGraw-Hill, and is the creator of a completely-personalized meal planning program, called Meal Genius, based on the concept of biochemical individuality.

Jodi Cohen
Speaking on:
Oils and Healing
Jodi Cohen is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), award-winning journalist and Founder of Vibrant Blue Oils, which manufactures a proprietary blend of essential oils.

Dr. Tim Jackson, DPT
Speaking on:
Mold Toxicity and Methylation
Dr. Tim Jackson is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, nutritional biochemist, and functional endocrinologist. He specializes in epigenetics, as well as mold and Lyme disease.

Stacey Robbins
Speaking on:
Thyroid and Healing
Stacey Robbins is author of the award-winning book: ‘You’re Not Crazy and You’re Not Alone’, creator of the Bloom Beautiful book and iPhone app, as well as an Integrated-Wellness Coach and Speaker.


Maria Claps, CHHC, FDN-P
Speaking on:
DUTCH Hormone Testing
Maria Claps is a certified health coach and women’s healthy aging advocate at Nourish and Flourish with Maria. A graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Maria has also received additional training through Dr. Sara Gottfried’s training program for practitioners, The Functional Diagnostic Nutrition program, and The UK-based 3rd Age Woman Certification program with Burrell Education. Maria’s recent online program, “Balance Your Hormones, Love Your Life,” educates women on hormone health and DUTCH lab testing.
Well, you could continue building your coaching business with no strategic direction or foolproof method…


You could spend upwards of $2,000 on other coaching programs that don’t move the needle on your business at all

You could spend tens of thousands of dollars on annual summits and conferences to get access to elite industry leaders

You could spend over $5,000 creating and marketing your own health programs and meal plans

You could spend over $3,500 on a business coach who has no experience in the health coaching industry

Or, you could invest less than $2,000 on Coaching with Confidence and get all of the above and much more!
But listen coach, the value doesn’t end there…I want your practice to gain momentum as quickly as possible.
That’s why, in addition to 7 weeks of live instruction and access to over 20 health pioneers, you’ll also receive:
8­-­done-for-you business­ documents to brand a­nd use right away inc­luding: my comprehens­ive 14­-page­ ­intake form, a 40-pag­e, 4-week whole foods­ eating plan for your­ clients, and 3­ opt-in­ ­freebies to rapidly grow your email list ­(a $1200 value + over 40 hours of your time SAVED) ­
Over 10 live group Q&­A calls with me throu­ghout the duration of­ the course ­(a $1,447 value)­
Pre-recorded calls wi­th even more trailbla­zing health and welln­ess experts, not incl­uding the LIVE calls ­with over 20 top-shel­f experts ­(a value beyond any price…these are the pe­ople leading the way ­in the wellness indus­try and you are getti­ng access to them)
The ultimate health c­oach resource guide c­hock-full of over 250­ online pioneers in t­he health and wellness industry, complete ­with direct links ­(thousands of hours of your time spent researching conditions SAVED)
Exclusive access to m­y private Facebook gr­oup where you can int­eract with me via pos­ts and Facebook live ­streams and connect w­ith other health coac­hes ­(a $49 per month valu­e with no expiration ­date) ­
Plus, by enrolling in Coaching with Confidence, you’ll gain a competitive edge in the industry and surpass tens of thousands of other health coaches.
Does it really get better than that?
Praise for Carmen and Health Coaching with Confidence
Carmen Hunter is a bottomless pit of nutrition knowledge and I HIGHLY recommend her if you need more information on an area of health that you are not as knowledgeable about. As a health coach, I work with an array of clients and it’s nearly impossible for me to find time to research and locate appropriate resources for all of their needs. After one call with Carmen, she provided me with a list of excellent resources to send to my clients and answered all of my questions! I will definitely use her again as she makes running my business easier and more effective + I feel like I have a new friend I can go to if I need to be advised!

Linda H.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for creating this course. We studied at the same nutrition school but you had been practising longer than some us. That course was great but was lacking a lot of coaching skills that didn’t always come easy for me. I had taken other short courses which left me feeling often confused. I am so glad I decided to take your course you have been so supportive and understand what it is like for us newcomers. The resources and recommendations are priceless! I highly recommend this to all new health coaches. Cheers!


Carmen is a fantastic educator and is an experienced Health Coach herself. I have attended several of her webinars since graduation and she shares a wealth of information with an engaging delivery

Julie T

I just have to say this, or i am going to bust. I totally got my moneys worth and then some. Its only the end of the second live class day. I have gotten so much out of this already. Plus you make me smile and laugh. I am so glad i get to be apart of this amazing group and thank you for all of your hard work on putting this all together this is not easy work. Even though you make it sound effortless. Thank you

Sandy N

Carmen takes her real-life coaching experience and boils it down into clear instruction that’s easy to incorporate into your business. Not only does it provide for all the scenarios a new coach may come across, but Carmen walks you through with examples of exactly how she does it. I’d recommend any new coach take a serious look at the programs Carmen provides, especially this one. It’s foundational information every health coach needs.

Monique Lynch

I’m thankful to have participated in Carmen’s Health Coaching Confidence course. Carmen provided an endless number of tools, resources, and even books that I customized with my logo to be used immediately with my clients. I started with a limited level of confidence to proceed in my business and as the course progressed my level of confidence has soared: I am inspired to get my first online course up and running. Carmen has a knack for leading coaches in a positive direction through her positive energy, enthusiasm, expertise and experiences. Her sincere desire to help coaches avoid the pitfalls in the health coaching business is a true blessing. Very thankful I stumbled across Carmen’s Health Coaching Confidence course; it is already making a difference.

Andrea BertaniSeeds of Life Natural Wellness, LLC

Have a question you need answered?

What happens when I sign up?

Upon purchase, you’ll receive an email confirmation which will include instructions on accessing the membership portal, as well as any other information you need to know. The course begins on October 2nd 2016.

What is the format of this course and how is it delivered?

Each module is delivered in the form of a weekly live Zoom call which is recorded and then uploaded to both the membership portal and Facebook group. All documents will be delivered through the membership portal in Word or PDF format.

Is this course just for new health coaches?

No—this course is geared towards all health coaches who want to take advantage of a revolutionary coaching method that will simplify and supercharge their businesses. The information, processes, strategies, tips, advice, and mentorship included in this course will be beneficial to any coach at any stage in his or her career.

What are the dates and times of the live calls with the health experts?

Due to their hectic schedules, dates and times of the live expert calls will vary. However, I will provide plenty of advance notice once their schedules are confirmed. These live expert calls will also be recorded and uploaded to
your course portal and the Facebook group, so you can view them anytime and as often as you want.

How is this season different from the spring 2016 Coaching with Confidence course?

This season, I’ve brought together and am giving you direct access to some of the most powerful health and wellness professionals in the industry. If you would like access to the complete course (which also contains updated documents, a full week of thyroid education and more) please see your previous Facebook group for the discount code.

Do you offer payment plans?

Absolutely. You can choose to pay in full at the price of $1,697 and save $23, or you can pay in two monthly installments of $860.

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a free video conferencing software and is the method I use to deliver the weekly live modules.

What days will you hold the live calls?

For the most part, our live calls will take place via Zoom online conferencing software on Mondays at 12:00 PM central time. If and when call days/times vary, I will announce the new day and time at least two weeks in advance. All live calls, including calls with panel experts, are recorded and loaded into both the Facebook group and the course portal for those who cannot attend live.

If I already took the Education Preparation Action course, will Coaching with Confidence still be a beneficial investment?

Coaching with Confidence is still an extremely worthwhile investment for those who’ve completed the Education Preparation Action course. Coaching with Confidence is an all-encompassing, intensive course that covers every aspect of building your ideal coaching business, whereas Education Preparation Action simply covered the signature coaching method. As you already own a small portion of the content that’s covered in Coaching with Confidence, your price for this course is only $1,497. Contact me at prior to purchase if this applies to you and you’ll receive a discount code.

Total Value of Program: $3,497
Enroll today for only $1,197


Because I’m 100% confident this is the best investment you can make towards a successful coaching career, I’m offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.
If you’re not fully satisfied with the content of the program, I’ll be more than happy to refund your money minus the hassle within 30 days.

**"If purchased after Oct 3rd the 30 day money back guarantee doesn't apply."

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