Are you turning off potential clients right at the start?

Well, not YOU per se but your approach. A couple ways I am seeing this happen are based on learned behaviors as a coach. Let me give you some examples of ways that clients may be turned off and how to flip that switch on and get more clients.

Turn off – You require a health history for a free consultation. This can be a turnoff because
most of the time people just want to dip their toe in and see what health coaching has to offer.
Turn on – Just offering an opportunity to have a conversation, a get-to-know-you and get-to-know-me a little better so you can see if you have a good vibe.

Turn off – Taking a full hour free consultation to see if you should work together.
Turn on – Come on! First of all what coach has a full hour to GIVE away when building a thriving practice? Also remember the longer the free consult, the bigger the opportunity for people to get free information from you.

Turn off – You tell them right away that they will have to make “serious” changes. Talk about scaring people away.
Turn on – We need to let them know we will be meeting them where they are and helping them make MANAGEABLE changes based on their own decisions of what works for them. As I always say “Meet them where they are and lead them to where they want to be”

Turn off – You tell them “everyone that works with me has to do an elimination diet.”
Turn on – Again, language no new client would want to hear. “A health coach is going to make me give up everything I love?” Talk about creating new stress. Let them know the things that you will be guiding them on will be transitional and based on their comfort level. You will be following their lead.

Turn off – You tell them your fees before they get a chance to learn about what you offer. Big Mistake.
Turn on – Get into a conversation with them in your free 15-minute consult and let them see you are compassionate, smart and kind. Then send your Fees and Services by email after the call.

Turn off – You tell them they have to do a plan for 6 months to see results.
Turn on – If you have a system and follow a safe method of coaching 6 months is not necessary. Three months is plenty of time to start seeing progress with a whole food and lifestyle approach.

These are just a few things that coaches are doing today that could be stopping people in their tracks from becoming your client. Health coaching should be fun, rewarding and empowering on both sides. Need a new approach and a supportive community to learn with? Take a look at my Health Coach Mentorship & Mastery program to learn more.