Health coaches tend to over complicate things. Not because we mean to make things more difficult for our clients, but because we are SO excited about helping them.

We KNOW that we can help them feel better so we get overzealous with our information and resource sharing which leads to them feeling completely overwhelmed.

Do you make this mistake?

If your clients aren’t reaching their goals, show signs of frustration or opt out of the coaching relationship altogether, you just might be overwhelming them.

It’s important to remember that clients need to feel as little stress as possible when working with coaches so that we don’t undo any progress they make.

Therefore, here are some simple tips to help your clients feel more at ease and see results from all the great recommendations YOU are making.

Keep things simple with their food

Remember that we must stay within our scope of profession so we shouldn’t be telling our clients what to eat or what not to eat. This is defeating and can make them feel hopeless. It also puts us at risk.

Instead, provide them with a link to whole food choices that are anti-inflammatory and healthy and encourage them to decide for themselves.

I also don’t suggest pointing them in the direction of a total elimination plan. This can be incredibly stressful on someone who is new to the world of wellness.

Instead, suggest that they consider removing ONE food at a time. This is much more manageable for most.

I have a helpful video here that will walk you through a gentler approach to changing food plans using my food guide.

Don’t overwhelm them with expensive options

Do your clients a favor and don’t make them break their budget. For example, don’t suggest they switch from conventional to humanely raised meat, purchase all organic, and switch out all their beauty products overnight.

Have them make a health wish list. On this list, they can add anything they want. Nothing is off limits and nothing has a time limit.

Give them plenty of time for change

Remember, a slow gradual change is always more sustainable than an overnight quick fix.

Therefore, remind them that there is no deadline to becoming healthier. Everything happens in the time that it should. Remind them that if they are making progress towards their goals, they should be proud of themselves.

Remember your own journey

Lastly, always remember that you were once where they are. Remember how you felt when you started this process of change and pull back the reigns whenever you witness them struggling or becoming less enthusiastic. These are signs that, when spotted and corrected, can salvage the coach/client relationship.

These are just a couple of ideas to keep in mind when trying to help your clients reach their goals and create lasting change.

What was the hardest thing for you to change when you learned that there was a better way to live? Reply below and tell me how you overcame the challenge of change!

In health and success,