I am on a proactive education kick lately.  I think it comes from almost 5 years of coaching and hearing every reason in the book about why people can’t afford to:  eat whole food, use organic house products, buy better beauty products etc.   First let me say this:  I. have. been. there.  Financially, physically and emotionally I have done my time with getting well.  I have spent more money than most people make in a year to find answers to my health issues, but had I known how to approach my issues back then I could have cut that amount by 75%.  As a health coach who has also been the client/patient I can tell you that making excuses to yourself about why you can’t eat organic or whole food or hire a health coach to help you is just that:  an excuse.

It seems to take a huge health crisis, a big event  for people to want to change.  I get it.  It took me a near nervous breakdown to leave my job that was killing me, stop smoking and start changing my life.   I just hope that you don’t wait until you have spent thousands on doctors, labs, medications, supplements and false promises.   I sure hope that  you don’t have to get sicker, more fatigued, lose more sleep, create more inflammation  in your body before you seek help. Once you reach that state of “disease” or create a chronic condition, it is ten times harder to come back from and it is so much more expensive to diagnose and treat.  You think a grass-fed steak is expensive?  An organic apple costs too much?  Wait until you need chemotherapy or a surgery for reflux.   The worst of all?  It’s unnecessary to reach such an ill state of health when you can prevent it with proper food choices and other lifestyle changes.

Please don’t tell me it’s hard.  Please don’t say you “can’t ” do it.  Please don’t tell me that I “have no idea what it’s like to: quit smoking (done it), lose weight (done it), give up gluten (done it), exercise (do it daily even in the worst of times).  I have walked in your shoes and I am not here to tell you it’s easy or inexpensive.  I am here on the other side as a person who knows what it’s like to change and overcome obstacle after obstacle.  I am a person who is telling you that you CAN do it and it’s worth it.


I am not saying this just because I am a health coach, but….my best advice to you? Hire a health coach to guide you.  Take the guesswork out of getting well.  We have navigated the wellness world and we have been trained.   I honestly don’t care who you hire, and if you aren’t local I can recommend people who I graduated with (that I trust) nationwide if you need local help and would do better with face to face support.  A personal trainer can help you with exercise but that is only about 20% of health.  A coach can help you with food, stress, sleep and lifestyle changes.  Make sure your coach offers a free consultation and is certified and qualified to help guide you.   Also be sure they don’t offer pills,  supplements and powders to fix your problems.   Interview them and ask if they practice a whole body and mind approach to getting well.  A good health coach is transparent, offers testimonials, guidance and support to help you reach your goals.  Find a good doctor who is willing to pull necessary labs to help you establish a record of health and to be a partner in your care.


I am hopping off my soap box now but want to emphasize a final point with a quote by Buddha.  “The trouble is, you think you have time.”  You think you have time to lose that weight, quit smoking, change your diet coke habit and build strong bones before you get too old.  You think you have time before your kids get old enough and start taking after your bad habits and understanding that Mc Donalds is not food.  You think you have time to get enough sleep later in life (I love the saying…”I’ll sleep when I’m dead “Says the man who is dying from stress related disease).  The time is NOW.  Stop putting yourself last and start taking steps to invest in your health today.  This minute.  NOW.  Your spouse, kids, parents, friends and the world in general will appreciate you taking better care of yourself….after all you have no idea how much time you have left.


In Health,

Carmen H