But at this very moment, your goals seem unrealistic and you’re starting to feel hopeless.

Though you’ve immersed yourself in every possible resource about functional wellness, and may even have a certification from another health coaching program, you sense that there are gaping holes in your knowledge and you have no idea how to fill them.

You don’t feel confident (in fact, if we’re being honest, you feel like an imposter), you don’t understand how to work with clients in a way that gets them results, you have no understanding of how to grow your business, you have no processes in place so your business feels more like a side hobby, and you’re fed up with time-wasters who suck every bit of free information they can out of you.

You’re constantly spinning your wheels and searching for a magic solution that will help you finally crack the code on becoming the health coach that stands out from the masses but to be honest, you’re a bit jaded by the industry so your efforts are half-hearted.

Worse, you’re starting to wonder if you should just chalk this career up to one horrible learning experience and succumb to the confines of a day job that you can’t stand just because it feels more realistic and safe.

If this sounds like you, you’re
going to want to stick around..

Hi, I’m Carmen Hunter…certified health coach, trusted health coach mentor, and founder of the new health coaching institute that’s transforming the industry, the Institute for Functional Health Coaching™.

I teach health coaches how to break through their comfort zones, build up their confidence, implement a low-risk, investigative health coaching approach that allows them to work with any client who comes to them, and maximize their income + impact. The best part? I do it all minus all the gimmicks and false promises you’re probably accustomed to.

Just ask my students…

“I took a few “popular” Health Coaching Certification courses before I found Carmen Hunter’s course. I wish I had found her sooner because I would have saved myself a lot of time and money! Carmen outlines the real world, concrete steps to becoming a successful coach and she does it in any easy to understand manner.”
– Stan G.

“It’s hard to put into words just how much Carmen Hunter has meant to me and my health coaching career. Before I met her, I had attended two health coaching/nutrition schools but was lost and overwhelmed when it came to being a health coach. Yet the very first time I heard Carmen speak, she taught me and the other frustrated coaches on the call how we could pursue the passion that brought us to this field safely, sanely, confidently and in a manner that would legally protect us while also empowering our clients to take charge of their own health. It was a revelation. A weight was lifted and I could see the path forward. Carmen also reinvigorated my excitement about coaching and gave me confidence that yes, I can do this.”

Ever wish you could learn the ins and outs of
the business from someone who has done it,
versus someone who claims to have done it,
just so they can sell you into their programs,
coaching or curriculum?

You’re not alone.

Most of my students seek me out because they are tired of being marketed to, and just want access to an honest and genuine mentor who has faced the same struggles, and who can help them get a handle on their health coaching business (without all the unnecessary bells and whistles).

I was a successful health coach for three years before I transitioned into mentoring health coaches. To be honest with you, it’s not even something I set out to do, it was just a natural progression.

Ironically, it all began when I enrolled in an expensive, well-known program for yet another health coach certification (because I mistakenly believed I needed more credibility) only to be left completely disappointed with how lightweight the curriculum was.

I ended up spending my time teaching my unique, low-risk and functional method of coaching to many of the students and alumni who also weren’t getting what they needed from the school. I am grateful to be able to help fellow coaches learn my easy to implement method of coaching.

When I finished the program, I continued mentoring coaches through the health coach clarity group I created to give coaches an uncensored area to voice concerns and needs over the years.

Then, in summer of 2017, this program evolved into the Institute for Functional Health Coaching™ which opened its doors to over 100 functional health coaches.

So, gimmicks and false promises? Yeah, not my thing.

Using my experience to help you get to where you need to be in this career so together, we can help make the world a better place?

That’s what I’m about.

Through my mentorship, programs and Institute for Functional Health Coaching™, I’ve guided thousands of health coaches towards success in this industry, and I’d love to help do the same for you.

If you’re interested in learning more about how I can help you build a flourishing low-risk, referral-based practice, click the button below.

Professional Biography

Carmen Hunter is the founder of the Institute for Functional Health Coaching™, a breakthrough functional health coaching program that teaches aspiring and already-certified health coaches a low-risk, sustainable coaching approach that allows them to safely help their clients get to the root of their health conditions regardless of how the laws around our industry change, thereby maximizing their impact.

The Institute for Functional Health Coaching™ curriculum is built on the belief that most diagnoses are symptoms of a larger health condition and that, for a client to reach true wellness, it’s critical to approach each from a whole mind-body perspective by integrating the seven foundations required for optimal health. These are the checklist by which any one can see results in their quest for better health.

Carmen is also the founder of Health Coach Mentorship & Mastery, a membership group that provides health coaches with the consistent mentorship, support and training needed for them to build and sustain thriving practices.

With OVER a decade of coaching experience as a certified health coach, Carmen worked with hundreds of one-on-one clients, conducted countless group trainings, and hosted hundreds of in-person and online health education talks.She has also been privileged in educating coaches and wellness practitioners for over 7 years in her own business as well as teach her low-risk health coaching method at other institutions that she supports and believes in.

Her number one focus in the health coaching profession is to educate and inspire coaches to build a successful business with integrity and service that surpasses all others. “No question goes unanswered and no need goes unmet” is her motto.

She believes in supporting other coaches in their businesses as well as collaborating with those who compliment her beliefs and operate with integrity and transparency. She believes that working together allows us all to make bigger impact on the world.

If you’re a health coach who is still trying to piece together whats missing from your business and feeling lost as to where to turn next, or you are an aspiring health coach who wants to learn how to become a successful health coach with a thriving referral-based practice from someone who has over seven years of experience in the industry, we invite you to learn more about the Institute for Functional Health Coaching™


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