As a health coach, you more than likely have some sort of intake form, many of us call it a health history. I’m here to encourage to have a High-Mileage Intake form. This form that I’ve created is pretty detailed, it’s 15+ pages. Over my 6+ years of health coaching, I have spent a lot of time in the first session asking too many questions and having an initial client feel uncomfortable and possibly not as forthright. Not everyone likes to talk about the quality of their BMs!

It’s important to be informed prior to that first session.

Say you don’t have a High-Mileage Intake form, but you do have some general health information before your first session (slightly more than what your client eats and how much they weigh). Then, most likely, you spend the first hour (at least!) getting the remaining details you need to practice a whole-person, functional approach to health coaching.

As another alternative, you can make that first session incredibly efficient and save yourself so much time. Schedule your client’s appointment, give them the High-Mileage Intake form, ask that it’s returned to you 48 hours prior to the appointment and make sure you get paid up front. I have cut my initial intake sessions from over 2 hours to slightly over an hour!

Before you meet you will have all the intel you need to have an in-depth conversation with your client. In that initial meeting, you can take their cues and the information that was already provided to help support them in the best way possible. Not only does this save you time, but it sets you up for success!

Say for example that your client has been diagnosed with something by their doctor or have symptoms that you don’t know anything about, you have time to get informed!

What if someone came to you with Raynaud’s Phenomenon or another uniquely named diagnosis? With the High-Mileage Intake form, you could look it up, get more information on it, have a better understanding of what they’re dealing with and speak to that condition during your meeting.

As opposed to a conversation that could look like this…

You, the health coach, inquire after watching your client squirm when talking about gas or poop or their unsupportive family, “Do you have anything that you would like to add?”

Your client responds, “Oh yeah, my doctor told me that I have Raynaud’s Phenomenon.”

Inside your head, you’re like…


Feeling off your game, you kindly inquire, “I’m not sure I know what that is…. How do you spell that?”

Then, of course, you spend more time talking about what it is and how it affects them.

Alternatively, you could have learned about this diagnosis or condition on the front end and managed the conversation differently, saving you time and being the more competent, calm and caring health coach that you really are.

Having detailed information like what’s provided in the High-Mileage Intake form allows you to be prepared. You are able to come to your client with knowledge and show your level of expertise (on this end at least). They, in turn, will trust you more and feel more at ease because you are proactive in your session.

You’re not diagnosing your client or giving them medical advice. You’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing in your role as a health coach — You are supporting them, sharing additional resources, giving the client more information to take to their practitioner, and helping them learn to better manage their health issues.

Increase the efficiency of your practice and save time with your initial intake. With the extra time you are saving you can be building your business and increasing the number of referrals!

Do you want to increase your efficiency in your initial intake? Check out my Intake Form Package that not only includes the High-Mileage Intake form, but has many other documents to support your practice (further session questions, testimonial request, plus customizable Whole Food Guide and more). These forms are created with the intention that you to use this for swipe copy and for you to brand it as your own.

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