Happy New Year Health Coaches!

We are saying goodbye to another year…and every year I usually feel just a few moments of disbelief like “Wait, did I miss this year entirely?”  This year I don’t feel that way because of some changes I made this year in the way I think.

A little history is in order.  January 2016 we went on a trip to Costa Rica and stayed in an amazing house , went to beautiful waterfalls, ate lunch with a family who had just gotten their first indoor toilet (can you imagine?), this was a trip to remember.
So how did this contribute to having a great year?

Having never been to a place  like this I promised myself before that trip that I would work hard on just being present for every moment and not miss a thing.  As a person who has been “practicing” mindfulness and present moment living I can honestly say it is not an easy thing to do in daily life.  We have so many distractions with electronics, work, commitments and family activities mindfulness doesn’t usually come easy.

But with limited wifi and no work on this trip I felt I could truly focus on just seeing the beauty around me and work on my mindful practice even more.   Monkeys came into the house at certain times of the day, sloth slept in the trees outside, Howlers monkeys woke us before dawn (talk about a scary sound to take up to!)….we even experienced a city wide black out where the power was off for almost 12 hours.
When the power went out and we asked the locals when it would be back on they said “Could be an hour, maybe four…sometime today….maybe.”  They had a no hurry, no worry, things will happen when they should approach to life.  I thought right there in that moment ” Why am I always rushing in my life and creating more stress for myself?”   This entire city is out of power and yet the locals (who’s businesses require power for the most part) just sat outside chatting, having a cerveza at 8 a.m. and acting as if 90 degrees with a million percent humidity and no power was nothing, no big deal.   Really…let’s think about it….what is the urgency with how we live our lives today?

I decided to take that mentality home with me and make an effort to trust that the universe was working in my favor in all ways at all times and that nothing was really an emergency.  My mantra became “Everything is happening as it should, and I have everything that I need.”  Anytime I felt stress coming in with work, family, relationships, health….I applied that thought process and things just started…..changing.  My marriage is better, my work started booming (I also had an ATM as Marie Forleo says in her video, and shifting my money mind set as well!), my family is more tied into each other and I am loving my life so much more than I ever have.  Yes, even when something happens that used to stress me out, it’s easier to handle with a new mindset.

In 2017 I encourage you to look at the ways you are rushing PAST and through your life and learn how to get present as much as possible.  What daily thoughts are you thinking that are keeping you from being present in every day of your year?  What damaging beliefs are preventing you from being successful in your business?

Being present is the first step to change….when we live our lives looking at the past with regret or fear of the future that hasn’t even happened,  we miss the very moment we are in-which really is the ONLY moment that counts.  Life slows down, things become more fun and we are able to shift our thoughts in ways we never thought possible.

I truly wish you nothing but success in 2017-in your life and in your business.  I am here to support you and help you find your way.  Join my free Facebook group Health Coach Clarity and share how you are changing your mindset for the coming year also


In Health and Success,