Collaborating with Businesses and Overcoming Doubt

Andree is a health coach who is also a licensed counselor. She speaks with Carmen about overcoming doubt, pitching content ...
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How Long Should My Programs Be?

Jill is wondering how she should structure her programs for her client, but is looking for guidance on how long ...
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Don’t Let Your Passion Lead You To Become Overwhelmed!

Kim has navigated her own healthy journey and now uses her knowledge and experience to help others. She's passionate and ...
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Efficient Methods to Run Your Business

Jordan is the mother of five (!) children who has turned her passion into a business. This is a wide ...
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The Dangers of the Niche

Janelle is a new health coach who left the corporate life after a struggle with illness and is not trying ...
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Putting in the Pieces in Place | Why you need an attorney and other important early steps

Carmen speaks with Debbie - a new health coach putting together the pieces to stay safe in her practice. Topics ...
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