Brainstorm Session


Do you need help getting “unstuck” in your coaching practice?
Do you want an effective new approach to coaching?
Schedule a session today!


This is a 1 hour 15 minute online (ZOOM)  brainstorm session that is based on your needs and goals for your business.
Please contact me to schedule your time and I will send you a form to fill out that will help us stay focused.


  1. Ali H. IIN Graduate

    “I scheduled a brainstorm session with Carmen at a time that I felt completely consumed and taken over by all of the projects I had jumped into as I started my health coaching career. I was eager to help people and figured doing a little bit of everything made sense. When I contacted her with my situation, she right away said that she loved to prioritize. That would hadn’t even popped into my head prior to her saying that, but she was SO right…I needed to prioritize! And she was the most perfect person to help me do this. I don’t think we had even talked for 10 minutes and she was already able to pinpoint the area of my life that was holding me back from succeeding as a health coach. And on top of that, it was holding me back from staying true to myself. Needless to say I had a much clearer vision of what I needed to do after our session, and I made sure to act right away. Feeling like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, and more ready than ever to help the people that I am meant to help.”

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