Whole Food Living Guide


It can be hard to change habits, especially when it comes to food. This guide will illustrate how to make lasting changes by meeting people where they are and leading them to a healthier place.

It provides resources for every step of change.  It also helps prepare for the step of taking out toxic foods by shopping in the home and then offers action steps to make permanent changes.


This is a practical guide that follows a whole food plan and includes discussions/tips and plans based on the five basic foundational needs of health:  Food, Sleep, Relationships to Stress, Safe Movement (Exercise) and Fun.  Some key points are: 
  • Why unconventionallly prepared grains, gluten and soy are toxic to the body
  • What you need to succeed at a whole food lifestyle
  • How these changes are sustainable and why that is important
  • Shopping guides and resources for support
  • Bonus material on sleep, stress, exercise and more!
  • A three month plan based on Education Preparation & Action 
There are no gimmicks, no food programs or powders replacing foods.  I kept this guide as low stress (minimal changes, a lot of helpful resources)  as possible with many reliable links/articles/tools to support the journey into optimal health.
Health Coaches:  This e-book can guide your client through a three month plan with you as their support system.  It is truly a DIY guide that can be customized and handed over to the client to help them learn and get ready to make their own decisions.  Empowerment at it’s best.


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