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This is going to be an easy one because I have definitely found my favorites over the years.  Eating gluten-free is not a trend and it’s not hard.  People struggle with eliminating it because gluten has addictive properties just like sugar and drugs.  Read here if you think I am just trying to convert you to a healthier life (well I am….BUT I still have science behind my bribing!).  All you have to do is get through the hard part of cravings and it’s a gluten-free cake walk from there.  So while I won’t share recipes from sites that have gluten or soy in them

the recipe sites I do share have mind-blowing options.  Just try a couple and see.  The great thing about these recipes and this “paleo” way of eating is that your kitchen will be stocked for virtually every recipe because the foundations are the same.  So visit a few of these sites and try something new!


Primal Palate is a favorite because it is customizable and the recipes are very user-friendly

Paleomg is another one of my favorites because she is hilarious and her recipes are delicious!

Paleo plan has so many recipes you could never make them all!


Cookbooks I recommend are:

Paleo Comfort Foods my favorite winter cookbook…definitely comforting!

Paleo Indulgences has great desserts (you won’t miss treats with this one!)

Practical Paleo (great tear out guides inside for shopping)

I have a few other cookbooks I still use but mostly I use computer recipes and when we enjoy them I print them and add them to my own recipe book I made.  This list should at least get you started or change things up a bit if you currently are a whole food eater.

In health.