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“Shrunken testicles: Do we have your full attention now? This is one thing that can happen to rats exposed to chemicals called glycol ethers, which are common solvents in paints, cleaning products, brake fluid and cosmetics. Worried? You should be. The European Union says that some of these chemicals “may damage fertility or the unborn child.” Studies of painters have linked exposure to certain glycol ethers to blood abnormalities and lower sperm counts. And children who were exposed to glycol ethers from paint in their bedrooms had substantially more asthma and allergies.”

Are you the person who bleaches everything?  Afraid of germs and other nasty’s in your home?  Or are you the person who uses vinegar and a newspaper to clean your windows claiming “they shine with NO streaks at all!”?  Well….I am neither of those, but after learning how toxic chemicals can disrupt your endocrine system and cause cancer I was on a mission to change my “Fabuloso” ways and fire “Mr. Clean.”  I tried everything from home-made dish detergent (a total disaster) to home-made cleaning spray (epic fail) before I decided to just SHOP for them.  I spent an hour going through my house with a trash can and throwing every single cleaning supply, spray, pesticide, dish detergent, laundry detergent, stain remover away using the EWG guide.   If it had any of these chemicals?  It was out.

Once the products were gone it was time to replace.  I didn’t rush into it…so many of those products were purchased because I liked the way they smelled.  It wasn’t about the cleaning power at all.  I started with looking at because they have a simple way to shop with a menu on the left hand side that allowed me to remove the ingredients I didn’t want.  That really helped make it simple.  As time went on and I learned how to read the labels without help I started finding cleaning supplies at places like TJ Maxx.  They always have dish detergent and countertop sprays there and the occasional lavender laundry soap as well.  I make my laundry soap using this recipe (this is the only home-made project that actually worked for me!) but when I need to wash dog beds or rugs I like a more commercial soap  I get at Walgreens and I regularly check the EWG guide for the most up to date options.  Here is a short list of some other things I have used or currently use to clean my house:

Toilet bowl cleaner

Bathroom cleaner


Air Fresheners here and here

Dishwasher pacs

Dryer wool balls (My dog ate all of mine so be mindful if you have pets)

If you are unsure about toxins in your food these handy lists are great until you learn how to read labels etc.

Bug repellants are also toxic….take a look here

Garden and weed sprays  and Neem products are also effective

I will cover make up and body product in another post.  For now…get your guide printed and clean those toxins out of your house.  What you put on your skin, what goes in your mouth and up your nose gets into the bloodstream and affects your health.  Period.

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