I am seeing a lot of language in our health coaching groups that problematic and a borderline, gray area between acting like a practitioner (doctor, nutritionist, dietician) instead of a health coach.

In these groups I see health coaches asking for input from their peers, which in and of itself is great. We should be supporting each other, offering help, and giving each other reliable resources.

I’m seeing posts and responses similar to this:


Post: “I have a client who is dealing with itchiness all over the body.”
Response: “You should put them on an anti-candida diet…”

Post: “I have a client with IBS. She’s taking XX supplement, YY herb, ZZ medication.”
Response: “You need to get her off of…”

Using words like “you should get them on…” or “you need to get them off…” is not terminology health coaches should be using. We absolutely need to avoid sounding like we are telling anyone what to do, what to eat or what to take.

Our scope of profession is to lead our clients to reliable resources and experts. But most importantly stay out of that danger zone with our language.

So before you post your next suggestion in a group, think about what you write. Because even if you believe you’re in a safe place with other health coaches, you are creating a habit of using the wrong language (written and verbal).

We need to create the habit of using the appropriate language when we communicate with each other so that it translates to how we talk with our clients.

Doing so creates a much more credible and reliable profession for us as health coaches.

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