Health Coach to Health Coach:  Ripple Effect Testimonial!

I met Carmen through her Facebook group for health coaches. Since then, I’ve been blown away by her depth of knowledge on all aspects of health. She is a hormone genius, so I decided to take her Thyroid Class for Health Coaches. In layman’s terms, she clarified the confusion around hormone imbalances, thyroid disease, and adrenal stress–all recurring themes with many of my own clients. Not only did the class teach me how to go about treating them, but it also helped in regards to my own health. It empowered me to ask my doctors the right questions and request specific tests pertaining to my individual health concerns.

Additionally, Carmen has provided advice on how to better deal with difficult clients and issues that I feel are sometimes out of my scope of practice, as a new health coach. Through her guidance, I have developed confidence and a level of professionalism I didn’t know I could attain. She has been a godsend since starting my practice and I look forward to continue learning from her to improve the health of my clients.
-Claudia Petrilli, www.behealthyhappywhole.com

Thyroid and GI issues

Carmen, Just wanted to thank you for all your help!!! I went gluten free over a year ago with Carmen’s help. I had bad GI issues that no onecould seem to figure out and thyroid levels all over the map plus a family history of breast cancer. I have also cut out soy products and plastic. I won’t lie it was a challenge at first!!! Here over a year later I feel great. Thyroid levels now more consistent ( I listen to my own body). I feel better than I have in the last 20 years. Thank you so much!!!!
-Bonnie T.

Fatigued and Spending Tons on Costly Supplements….

I decided to contact Carmen basically because I was “tired of being tired.”  You know that feeling.  Constantly feeling fatigued but don’t know why.  I considered myself a healthy eater, exercised regularly, was doing all the things I thought was right for a healthy lifestyle but still not feeling quite right.  I was also on a lot of very expensive supplements that I wanted to decrease or even stop altogether.  When I contacted Carmen she assured me she could help.  I have known her for a few years now and had read a lot of her postings and I was confident she knew what she was doing.  Little did I know I was going to get so much more than I ever imagined.   Instead of one or two suggestions like I expected, I got a wealth of knowledge and information from diet changes, to supplement suggestions, to web pages and articles to read, to lab recommendations, to lifestyle changes and ways to reduce stress, and the list goes on.   Carmen definitely knows her stuff.  And more importantly, she cares about YOU.  Since incorporating the changes she suggested I have had so much more energy.  I can go through the day now without feeling I have to have that nap.  Workouts feel easier, I sleep better, my gut is healthier and I owe it all to Carmen.  If you’re looking for a wellness coach, I recommend you look no farther than Carmen Hunter.  You’ll be so glad you did!
-Lisa K Clarksville TN

Getting to The Heart of What’s Going On

“Most of you know that I had a consult with Carmen Pederson Hunter on Wednesday. But I just wanted to give you guys a little review in case you were looking for someone to help you wade through some of this stuff we are going through. First off, in case you don’t want to read this whole thing, I highly recommend her. She was generous with her time and information. I didn’t have to wait weeks to get an appointment. She is quick to return emails. She was very astute with blood work. Mine was hot mess and she was able to sift through it and help me make sense of it. She had me in tears at one point because she really got the the heart of what is going on with me. We talked about what my story would be without my “sick” story. I think it is causing some things to open up in me. I was already pretty aware, but I was having a hard time taking that awareness to a practical level where it actually worked in my body. It’s still going to be a long journey, but it felt like a new start. It was also a huge bonus that I didn’t have to explain all the GT5 stuff to her. She really had a full picture of what my story was. So if you, like me, have some brain fog and you really need a sounding board because you just don’t have full faith in your own decisions right now, talk to Carmen. She won’t make the decisions for you, but she will make it easier for you to see where you are headed and how you can get there.”


Psoriasis, Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Symptoms-Gone!

Ihealth coach testimonial can’t say enough great things about Carmen!  For years, I struggled with overwhelming fatigue and pain.  After being (mis)diagnosedwith and treated for chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, psoriasis and
mono, I still felt horrible.  I had no energy, could barely function and was missing out on life with my family.  I came to Carmen not really expecting that anyone could make me feel better but I figured I had nothing to lose.  After the first consult with Carmen, I immediately called my husband and said “She gets it!”  Carmen really listened to what was going on and, unlike my doctors, did not immediately rush to label me with a disease and write me off with medicine.  2 weeks after my consult, my husband and I started on the lifestyle that Carmen recommended.  I have never felt better!!  I am off all of my medicine and feel better than I have in years.  Carmen has been with me every step of the way.  I would text her before going out to eat just to get some tips.  If I wasn’t feeling well, I would text her and she would recommend some things for me to try.  She has empowered me with the tools and knowledge to take charge of my health and my life. My entire family has converted to her plan and “Carmen” has become a common name in our house.  She has really given me my life back and I can never thank her enough!!! – Nikki P.  Clarksville, TN.

My Daughter Struggled With Pain from Juvenile Arthritis for 7 Years!

I am a mother of a very brave child that has battled Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis for the last 7 years. We have tried multiple anti inflammatory drugs, Physical Therapy, and injections. She has had fluid drawn off her knees at the age of 6. She has went through a lot with her illness but has stilled managed to play competitive softball as a pitcher. When she had her last flare up we choose to find a better way to treat our daughter in a healthy way. We had several friends tell us about Carmen and had great results. When we scheduled our first visit, Carmen requested some information in which I let my child answer the questions. I felt that if she took some ownership in this process than it would be more of a reward for her. What I loved at our first visit was that Carmen had truly researched and had so much information for us that would help my child, not just changing her diet but to help us understand some of the causes of her disease. Our family decided to support our daughter in this transition and we donated most of our pantry and food storage to community center and jump right into this. I believe this is why we had such immediate results. Within 2 weeks my child was PAIN FREE! I had not been able to say that in 7 years. Also, on our follow up with her RA doctor 2 months later she had no inflammation. I did not have to worry about my child choosing the wrong food cause Carmen had talked directly to her and in fact she actually corrected me a couple of times. I will be forever grateful that our paths crossed. I have been begging for something to help my little girl for 7 long years. We started this in January and it is August and she is still pain free and is playing ball at a level she could have never gotten to cause of lack of agility due to stiff joints. Carmen continues to check in with Her and me to make sure we are doing good. Throughout the whole process, Carmen was right there still looking for as much information to help n her case and always was happy to answer any question I had. My daughter absolutely loves her and feels as though she is a friend. If I had it to do over, I would without a doubt do this again with Carmen, I just wish I would’ve done it sooner!
-T. and M of-Clarksville T.N.

Thyroid Disease, Food and Lifestyle Changes Make a Huge Difference!

In the summer of 2013, I was in the best shape of my life. I was training for multiple marathons and endurance events. I was fueling my body with clean meals, and took all the steps to recover properly between training sessions. I was following the advice of hundreds of endurance athletes before me. Yet I felt terrible. The most sustained, depleted feeling I have ever experienced. I was sleeping 12 hours a night, and still requiring a nap during the day. The most concerning problem was a severe lack of mental focus and clarity. I was all of a sudden becoming confused easily, and it was difficult to plan for anything or even pay bills. A trip to the grocery store quickly became overwhelming. I was desperate to find answers. Just being a mom and a wife seemed too much to bear. I searched for help on the web, but was discouraged by the mass of contradicting information. I left my primary care doctor’s office with antidepressants, but knew this was not the answer. I had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism years before, but it had always been easily managed. I reached out to Carmen, hoping she could provide some degree of insight. It was a complete relief. She listened and acknowledged all of the symptoms I was struggling with, and quickly devised a plan. She encouraged me to go in for further testing on my thyroid, request more than just the TSH be tested, and we quickly found out that most of my thyroid numbers were out of range. This accounted for some of my symptoms, but not all. Carmen proved to be an invaluable resource. She worked with me to help me understand how and why I needed to alter parts of my nutrition. She also provided me with resources from years of independent research. We altered my nutrition, medication, supplements, how I handle stress, and physical training. During my time with Carmen, she was never out of reach, and always responded promptly to any and all questions I had. I can say now, 8 months later, I feel immensely better. I have my life back. I would have never found these solutions on my own without Carmen’s dedication and unwavering support. I would recommend Carmen to anyone struggling to find answers and support related to thyroid problems.
-TB-Clarksville, TN.

Crohns Disease and Remission of Flare Ups

Where do I begin?  For over 20 years I have suffered the effects of Crohn’s Disease but only received an official diagnosis around 5 years ago.  Doctor after doctor after doctor…it was an endlhealth coach Crohnsess cycle of disappointment, fatigue, depression, anger, and on and on and on.  Once diagnosed there was an endless supply of “prescriptions” dispensed to “control” my debilitating symptoms but with these drugs came suchhorrible side effects that I quit taking them all and just gave up. I gave up on living to be quite honest.  I was homebound for the most part depending on my husband and friends to help get my daughter where she needed to be as I just couldn’t take the chance to go out and have my Crohn’s flare up.  With absolutely no help or support from my “doctor” other than the drugs that just weren’t worth the risks associated with them or the side effects I set out on my own to find alternative treatments. When I had my first appointment with Carmen with Mindful Health and Wellness I immediately knew this was exactly what I had been searching for for over 20 years!  She truly cared and wanted me to be well and live life again…wow…I was blown away!  Someone who TRULY cared and WANTED to help me!  Her knowledge, care, compassion, and straightforwardness have taken me to a place of remission and a belief in myself and my life that I never thought I would ever have again!!  If you are suffering and your “doctors” can only offer drugs that offer you no relief, horrible side effects, and no light at the end of your tunnel you owe it to YOURSELF to call Carmen and GET YOUR LIFE BACK!!  I promise you will NOT be sorry!!
-Caroline Bond, Clarksville, TN.


Hashimotos Thyroiditis and Anemia

I am 55 years old and have been struggling with health issues since I was 20 years old.   After being diagnosed with low thyroid (Hashimoto disease), depression and anemia after the birth of my second child, I have been looking for answers in the medical field and in alternative medicine.  What I found in the medical field was medicines that treated the symptoms and not the root cause of my problems.   Exercise has always been a part of my quest for good health as well as a healthy diet.   It was not until I met with Carmen Hunter, that I found the answers I was looking for.   Together, Carmen and I worked out a health plan that worked for me and my particular health concerns.  I found her to be one of the most generous and knowledgeable people that I have ever met and her concern for my well-being was refreshing and encouraging.   After working with Carmen and switching to a gluten-free, Paleo style template food plan, I am feeling better than I have in my life. For the first time in 30 years, I am no longer anemic, and have plenty of energy to play with my grandchildren!   I am so grateful for Carmen and how she has taught me to understand what ” healthy food” is all about.  I have embraced her mantra that “food is medicine” and that our bodies can heal themselves.  My entire family has benefited from her advise and counsel and we will be forever grateful.  I call it a privilege to know her and count her as my friend as well as my health coach!
-Susan Smith

Autoimmune Issues

Having tried to silence the auto-immune monster for 25 years has been a challenge of epic proportions as it is an ever moving target.  Carmen Hunter has been a breath of fresh air and a warrior in my fight.

Carmen has a no nonsense approach to health coaching in that she is willing to invest as much time in you, as you are in yourself.  I have battled everything from food and additive allergies, hemiplegic migraines, joint and muscle pain, insomnia, anxiety as well as a myriad of other ‘non diagnosable’ ailments due to Hypo-thyroid/Hashimoto’s.

Carmen is a dedicated, devoted advocate for those, who over the years, have felt they lost not only their voice, but also their will to fight these unseen ailments.
Auto-immune disorders have little if any money to be made by big drug companies.  Our bodies are a well-tuned orchestra and when a few strings are out of tune….the whole body bears the burden.
Carmen has taken the time to review my supplements, critic my food diaries and research above and beyond the mass majority of modern day medical doctors.  She has had frequent contact to check in and genuinely feels she has a ‘horse in the race’.  She is vested in my success as much as I am!

Carmen has overcome the same pain and suffering that others of us experience and she is to the other side!

Thank you Carmen for shining the light for others to follow so that we too can enjoy a healthy and happy life!
-Emily Westervelt

Thyroid Disease

I decided to use a health coach after my son was born. I was stuck in a rut of dieting and exercise without any results. My health issues witHashimotos and knee injuries were excuses I made for myself before then. I wanted to start a lifestyle that would be a good example for my son. It was more than just making better food choices. Carmen started from scratch helping me with my schedule, stress, exercise, and recipes. One of the most beneficial meetings I had was a trip to the grocery store accompanied by Carmen. She helped me make better choices while cooking for my family. I also appreciated the constant communication. Carmen genuinely cares about me and my wellness. This was evident as she came with me to the doctor. Her knowledge helped me sort through decisions to make about my health. I appreciate the support and knowledge I have received through my work with my wellness coach.
Amanda T. Clarksville, TN.

Missing Pieces

My husband and I had begun cleaning up our diet about 3 years ago and even though we lost weight, we still felt like something was missing.  We attended a Nutrition Workshop that Carmen was teaching and we learned so much from that 2 hour workshop that we felt she could be very beneficial to us on our road to a healthier lifestyle.   She was very thorough in investigating our medical histories and she took the time to get to know us personally.  She gave us suggestions on how to prevent such things as acid reflux without having to be on prescription medicine. She helped us to understand what supplements we needed to be taking and why.  She also helped us to understand why we needed to cut gluten out of our diet and has been a resource to help us do that along the way.  We feel that Carmen genuinely cares about us and our health.  She is still checking in on us to see how we are progressing.  She is a wonderful resource if you are looking for ways to improve your health without having to rely on traditional medicine.
-Amanda Powers Clarksville, TN.


Hypothyroidism, Anemia, Fatigue….Ah-mazing.

health coach testominialLong story short about me… I was a 32 year old hypothyroid, insomniac, anemic female who always seemed stressed and extremely tired with zero relief. Not to mention I definitely had depression looming in my future. To say that not one single of my doctors have ever appeared to care would be the understatement of the century. I have been let down by countless physicians not seeking to view the full picture over the years. Most of the time my complaints were wrote off and ignored, other times I had to have what seemed like endless blood transfusions and iron infusions with zero explanations, and then there were the ones who just stared at me as if I was medication seeking and lying. I eventually became numb to it and dismissed it as something must really not be right with me and they must be right I  gave up.  I eventually found Crossfit in 2011 actively wanting to fix myself. I was instantly hooked. I started going 3 days per week and soon it turned to 5+/wk. I was constantly trying to beat my last time, my last weight, and keep up with every single athlete I looked up to. I even changed my entire lifestyle. I started following the paleo diet, drinking protein powders and pre workouts as if my life was depending on it, and continued to want more and more out of my WODs. Looking back now, I am certain that was when my body finally gave up on me and spiraled downhill. I initially lost weight when I started, which at the time I didn’t need to lose any, but I knew it would eventually happen at the rate I doing things. But then something happened… almost as fast as I lost weight, I gained it back times two and was even more exhausted. By this time I had just turned 30 and just wrote it off as #1 I am getting older, #2 I must be gaining muscle differently now (bc of #1), and #3 because of my “anemia” and all my iron infusions I obviously will be tired for the rest of my life since doctors know best. Boy was I wrong.Carmen has turned my life around. She has opened my eyes and mind to the roots of health, which are ignored by so many. She is one of the kindest, most devoted people I have ever come across and she genuinely cares about people. She is always 100% honest with you. One thing she will tell you at the very beginning of her accepting you as a client of hers is that she will invest as much time into you as you do yourself, but cannot force you to change. Please hear that and understand it. She willingly gives you every tool she has at her disposal, but it’s ultimately you who has to make things happen. Carmen thoroughly listens to you during the entire hour she has with you in a complete nonjudgmental way. She is very good at picking up on subtle and not-so-subtle stressors and/or concerns you may be experiencing. She follows up with you often, if just asking how your day is going. She is also available any time of the day by phone, text, email, or Facebook. Carmen as lead me to gain a greater sense of awareness of my daily stressors and how they affect my overall health and happiness. She has also taught me to really read food labels; no, just because it says “natural” or “organic” doesn’t mean it’s good for you. 😉 And whatever you do, don’t get her started on soy! Just kidding! LOL We all know how terrible soy is for you.
-Kim SudgenClarksville, TN

I was diagnosed with hypothyroid at 19 years old and blindly took a pill for years. I had gotten a scare when my thyroid health plummeted in 1.5 years. Insert my new health coaching certification and the opportunity to work with Carmen after buying her Thyroid education about a year ago. Because of her straight talk and concise education, I was able to make quick adjustments with my diet and be educated while talking to my doctor. I had confidence to ask questions I wasn’t aware to ask before. Carmen’s class saved me TONS of hours of research. In the past year, I learned I have autoimmune thyroiditis, my Levothyroxine went from .175mg/day to .137mg/day, and (unexpectedly) my narcolepsy symptoms are changing for the better as well. Winning!! I still have symptoms, which means there’s more work to do! Time is of the essence when it comes to health. There are so many suffering from thyroid disease, and I’m happy to have confidence to help others in my business with the many struggles I’ve had. Thank you, Carmen!
-Bethany U

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