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Joyce Juhasz, INHC


Coaching with Confidence Testimonial DGuthrie

I just joined Health Coach Brainstorm Session with Carmen today. I spent some time reading thru the comments and checking out the files. I was blown away by what is shared! The files section is incredible!

Sheri W.

If there is any health coach that is feeling a bit lost on how to do all the coaching, stay legal and provide superior guidance and resources for your clients, I would highly recommend that you purchase Carmen Hunter’s document package. She has an entire done-for-you program with more than you could ever dream of. All you have to do is change her logo to yours and change a few other contact info and send it out to your client. It is a whole program that walks you, as the coach, right through it as well as the client. I also did a brainstorm session with her where she explained it all. It is so easy. I used it for a new client and this is what my client posted on FB about me, “Talk about someone being the entire package and too good to be true……I’m so lucky”. Before using this package, I felt less than confident and I lacked focus and concrete direction with clients but not any more! I am so grateful for Carmen! I guarantee it is money well spent and you will love it! I am hoping to take her next coach training class when it is available.


As a health coach who graduated from IIN, I felt very confident to start coaching. I was working with a couple clients when I stumbled upon Carmen Hunter’s Health Coaching with Confidence course. The first thing that appealed to me was the price. And in hindsight, I feel Carmen could easily charge 5 times the amount and it would be so worth it. Every week, for 8 weeks, Carmen would blow my mind. I learned things that I am appalled are not taught in school. Legal issues, how to do a slide deck presentation, amazing tips on how and why to use Facebook groups, how to do a webinar, great information on the thyroid, adrenal glands, gluten, lab work, etc… The list is endless. After the first couple weeks I changed my business name due to legality issues, started a FB group, learned how to do opt-ins, created a webinar, grew my email list remarkably, and had the complete confidence that I can help anyone, if they are willing to be helped. I cannot thank you Carmen enough for changing the way I coach, for giving me tools that are so valuable that I will use forever. If you are a health coach, please, for your own benefit and for the benefit of all of your clients, sign up for Carmen’s course. You will not be disappointed!


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for creating this course.We studied at the same nutrition school but you had been practising longer than some us. That course was great but was lacking a lot of coaching skills that didn’t always come easy for me. I had taken other short courses which left me feeling often confused. I am so glad I decided to take your course you have been so supportive and understand what it is like for us newcomers.
The resources and recommendations are priceless! I highly recommend this to all new health coaches.



Carmen Hunter is a bottomless pit of nutrition knowledge and I HIGHLY recommend her if you need more information on an area of health that you are not as knowledgeable about. As a health coach, I work with an array of clients and it’s nearly impossible for me to find time to research and locate appropriate resources for all of their needs. After one call with Carmen, she provided me with a list of excellent resources to send to my clients and answered all of my questions! I will definitely use her again as she makes running my business easier and more effective + I feel like I have a new friend I can go to if I need to be advised!

Linda H.

IIN Graduate

I’m thankful to have participated in Carmen’s Health Coaching Confidence course. Carmen provided an endless number of tools, resources, and even books that I customized with my logo to be used immediately with my clients. I started with a limited level of confidence to proceed in my business and as the course progressed my level of confidence has soared: I am inspired to get my first
online course up and running. Carmen has a knack for leading coaches in a positive direction through her positive energy, enthusiasm, expertise and experiences. Her sincere desire to help coaches avoid the pitfalls in the health coaching business is a true blessing. Very thankful I stumbled across Carmen’s Health Coaching Confidence course; it is already making a difference.

Andrea Bertani

Seeds of Life Natural Wellness, LLC

I’m 20 minutes into watching yesterday’s call and I had to stop to just tell you how grateful I am (I’m getting a little teary-eyed) for everything you are teaching us. You have put so much work into this and I am beyond grateful for all the information and guidance you are giving. I know God has called me to do this and I know that, if He has called me, He will also equip me. I’m so thankful I was led to take your program even though I haven’t even started school yet. Now I know that I won’t finish my program asking, “Now what? And how?” So…thank you


I just have to say this, or i am going to bust. I totally got my moneys worth and then some. Its only the end of the second live class day. I have gotten so much out of this already. Plus you make me smile and laugh. I am so glad i get to be apart of this amazing group and thank you for all of your hard work on putting this all together this is not easy work. Even though you make it sound effortless. Thank you

Sandy N

Carmen takes her real-life coaching experience and boils it down into clear instruction that’s easy to incorporate into your business. Not only does it provide for all the scenarios a new coach may come across, but Carmen walks you through with examples of exactly how she does it. I’d recommend any new coach take a serious look at the programs Carmen provides, especially this one. It’s foundational information every health coach needs.

Monique Lynch

“I thank my lucky stars in the Universe that I found your page and information. I receive so much.  The energy, love and the dedication and expertise is truly phenomenal. THANK YOU FROM THE INNER DEPTHS OF MY BEING.”

Krispy B.

“You have boosted me and made me even more determined to become visible so I can help more people.

That’s why I started my FB group in the first place after a conversation we had during one of your FB lives which you probably don’t remember but I’ll never forget. You validated my thought that there is a need for people (especially women) to change the words they use.

Connecting with you and getting your programs has been one of the best decisions I’ve made, both in my business and in my personal health journey.”

Anita T.