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– Have you been diagnosed with thyroid disease or Auto immune issues related to thyroid like Hashimotos or Graves?

– Are you on medication currently but not feeling better?

 – Has your doctor refused to change your medication because “your labs are normal”?

 – Do you feel like something else is going on besides just thyroid issues?

 – Are you suffering from: fatigue, cold hands and feet, hair falling out, inability to lose weight or hit a plateau?

Erin-Crouse“Carmen was my saving grace when it came to understanding and healing the thyroid, particularly; Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I reached out to her with the hope of truly becoming educated on how the thyroid functions in all aspects. She was the breath of fresh air I needed after leaving numerous Doctor’s appointments feeling hopeless and desperate for answers.
Carmen is simply top notch when it comes to understanding the thyroid. Her extensive knowledge is invaluable. She speaks from first-hand experience and is passionate about guiding others through their journey. Carmen’s consults, easy to understand guides and quick response time all exceeded my expectations. She goes above and beyond in helping you figure out your underlying root issues. She is easy to talk to and always open to hearing your thoughts, fears and questions. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve emailed her with questions and she has put my mind to ease!
I can truly say that Carmen laid the foundation for my knowledge/healing and has been there every step of the way in my journey. I am well onto my road to recovery, and when I think of who’s been influential in my healing, the first person that always comes to mind is Carmen. I highly recommend working with her as you will NOT be disappointed. She is the true definition of a fantastic Health Coach!!”
~Erin Crouse, Clarksville, TN


Here is What’s Offered in My Thyroid Package

The Thyroid 101 guide is a comprehensive PDF that includes the following information and so much more:

  • What and where is the thyroid
  • What are the common (and uncommon) symptoms of thyroid disease
  • What labs do you need and the resources to interpret them (surprise…the TSH is not the gold standard anymore!)
  • What kind of medication is available
  • How to find a doctor to work with you
  • What food and lifestyle is best for someone with thyroid issues
  • Information on adrenal health and sex hormones
  • What role stress, sleep, exercise and medication play in thyroid health


You can purchase the Guide only or purchase the Guide Plus an Hour Consultation with Carmen 1 on 1

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Thyroid Disease, Food and Lifestyle Changes Make a Huge Difference!

In the summer of 2013, I was in the best shape of my life. I was training for multiple marathons and endurance events. I was fueling my body with clean meals, and took all the steps to recover properly between training sessions. I was following the advice of hundreds of endurance athletes before me. Yet I felt terrible. The most sustained, depleted feeling I have ever experienced. I was sleeping 12 hours a night, and still requiring a nap during the day. The most concerning problem was a severe lack of mental focus and clarity. I was all of a sudden becoming confused easily, and it was difficult to plan for anything or even pay bills. A trip to the grocery store quickly became overwhelming. I was desperate to find answers. Just being a mom and a wife seemed too much to bear. I searched for help on the web, but was discouraged by the mass of contradicting information. I left my primary care doctor’s office with antidepressants, but knew this was not the answer. I had been diagnosed with hypothyroidism years before, but it had always been easily managed. I reached out to Carmen, hoping she could provide some degree of insight. It was a complete relief. She listened and acknowledged all of the symptoms I was struggling with, and quickly devised a plan. She encouraged me to go in for further testing on my thyroid, request more than just the TSH be tested, and we quickly found out that most of my thyroid numbers were out of range. This accounted for some of my symptoms, but not all. Carmen proved to be an invaluable resource. She worked with me to help me understand how and why I needed to alter parts of my nutrition. She also provided me with resources from years of independent research. We altered my nutrition, medication, supplements, how I handle stress, and physical training. During my time with Carmen, she was never out of reach, and always responded promptly to any and all questions I had. I can say now, 8 months later, I feel immensely better. I have my life back. I would have never found these solutions on my own without Carmen’s dedication and unwavering support. I would recommend Carmen to anyone struggling to find answers and support related to thyroid problems.
~T.B. Clarksville, TN.


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