Too many health coaches hold these seven myths as truths. What’s important is to get into action — safely and wisely. Take a look at these myths and see if any of these are keeping you stuck.

1. Myth: You need to learn as much as possible about health (more classes on leaky gut, more knowledge about candida…)

Truth: If you have passed a health coach certification, you already know enough to at least begin the process with the general public who are stuck in a standard American diet mindset. Just start a conversation with someone with no real knowledge about health and you will blow their minds when you even say the words “inflammatory foods.”

2. Myth: Health coaches can’t make any money coaching

Truth: The truth is that we can make money but we need a system, and a safe and consistent approach to save time. We also need to consider that there are only so many hours in a day, so group coaching is a natural add to any coaching practice. I created a system to save myself the headache of continuing to reinvent the wheel for client recommendations.

3. Myth: Every client needs a different plan and a different approach.

Truth: Actually, approaching each client in a “custom” way increases your risk. Health Coaches need to be practicing with a general approach. If you think about it, all clients are human beings and all humans need five foundational things to reach optimal health. Whole food, sleep, safe movement, fun and a method of handling stress that doesn’t promote disease. The custom part can be handled with resources and referrals to appropriate practitioners.

4. Myth: You can make six figures in a month (or a year for that matter).

Truth: If this is true these coaches are more than likely using previous experience to compliment their business. (Mostly its just savvy marketing.) This business takes time, patience and financial investment to build if you want to be successful. Don’t beat yourself up if you aren’t making a ton of money right away.

5. Myth: You have to have a niche to coach.

Truth: Again, if you work with human beings you already have a niche. Your audience may become clearer as time goes on. You may notice a certain clientele comes to you more than others, etc. A niche may present itself, but it isn’t necessary to coach.

6. Myth: You have to blog often so people follow you.

Truth: You have to get “out there” and blogging isn’t for everyone. You can do live videos, helpful newsletters, local live talks, etc. Just do something you enjoy that gets you out there to people so they get to know you.

7. Myth: You have to be healthy to help other people.

Truth: Let’s face it. Most of us came to coaching through a story of our own struggles (lyme disease, thyroid problems, leaky gut, depression and more). We have so much knowledge to share with others we aren’t meant to “wait” and as life continues to happen to us we are always working to be better. So don’t wait and don’t hold your gift back because you think you should present perfect picture to others. People will resonate with you more if you are authentic and real.

Do any of these myths resonate with you? If they do, please share in the comment section below.

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