In the past few weeks, I’ve joined not one, not two, but THREE direct sales companies.

That might come as a shock to many of you who have followed me for awhile, as I’ve always had a strong (and not so positive) opinion about multi-level marketing. I have even been known to go on a rant or two about what certain MLM products have done to my clients when they replace whole foods with toxic and inflammatory protein powders, supplements and nonfood “food” items.  

So why then, did I chose to join three MLMs – doTERRA, HELO and Beauty Counter – within the span of 3 weeks?

Here’s why. The MLM world is changing…and I’m now able to promote products that actually make sense and build a passive income business on the side while doing so (something I think all health coaches should be open to considering).

In addition, I joined these companies because of the people who asked me to join. I trust them because they are ethical, transparent, health warriors who care about others and would never ask me to join something just to put money in their pockets.

Here’s why I joined doTERRA:

I am no stranger to essential oils. I love to diffuse them, roll them on my skin, put them on my dogs’ collars, spray them on the pillows when guests come to stay, etc. I grew up with a real love for scents and smells. Although they say we take in the world the most through our vision, I would have to say that smells are literally tied for first when it comes to how I perceive the world.

I joined doTERRA under my friend and colleague Tricia.  Tricia and I know each other through health coaching collaboration and she is considered a dear, trusted friend. She has never pressured me to join and has always acted with the best interest of the clients.

As a busy person, I need things to be simple and I love how doTERRA gives you all these great recipes and methods of using EO in an easy to understand way.

As with cosmetics and skin products, oils penetrate our body through our skin and our breathing, so of course it’s important to know where they come from. To reassure yourself they are the real deal, please read here

With doTERRA, I can not only offer you access to wholesale pricing but you also get a buffet of educational options to suit your learning style so you feel completely comfortable with how, when, and why to use essential oils. You won’t order them and stick them in a drawer because you forgot what to do with them. We offer free coaching and interesting, inspiring ideas about how oils can help you feel empowered around your health.

There literally is not one room in my house that hasn’t been sprayed, diffused into or sprinkled with some oil love. There is just something about oils that brings me back to the biblical days of Frankincense and Myrrh. So look out Christmas….I am all about some holiday smells!

If you’d like to learn more about these oils, you can visit my site here.

Here’s why I joined HELO:

HELO by World Global Network is wearable technology which is all the rage these days. Everyone I know has a Fitbit or an Apple watch. I have never even tried one on to be honest because I am exposed to so much technology in my work every day…just the thought of learning something else was too much for me.

Let’s not even get started about EMF exposure! (PS I am doing a webinar with Nicolas Pineault about EMF exposure in the coming weeks so stay tuned for more about that as well.)

One thing I love about World Global Network is they are committed to frequency protection! They have incorporated germanium in the HELO, and developed BIOZEN, a product that helps reduce harmful exposure on other technology as well. You just stick it to your phone, computer, etc.!

The set up was easy, the bands are attractive and the device keeps offering more and more. Of course it tracks steps, calories, etc. like traditional wearables, but it also offers heart rate monitoring, BPM, Breath Rate, Mood, Sleep and has a built in SOS feature. Coming soon will be blood glucose, ovulation cycles, blood alcohol and more thanks to their open API.

HELO has been distributed in the United States since the beginning of this year and is the only direct sales wearable device available today….now is the time to get involved.

As my friend Michelle says, “If you’re hot on the product get in touch right away, if you are warm go check out the products to learn more and if you are cold to the products? No worries! We aren’t pushy and we only want people to join us if they are interested and not out of a feeling of obligation. Products have to work for YOUR life. Do your homework, order sales when able and ask questions.”

Here’s why I joined: Beautycounter

To be honest, I have been looking for a makeup product since going through menopause and nothing has stood out to me. I had not found a brand I would be interested in joining for many reasons: transparency, toxicity and price…until now.

My dear friend Kristine Rudolph also bought into this same brand. She is as picky as I am when it comes to what we put in our body and on her skin, how we work with others, integrity, honesty and the true desire to see health products shift in the direction of where we want to go. We looked for an opportunity to be healthier without fear of what we put on her skin or what someone might be hiding from us. We found Beautycounter.

Beautycounter’s mission is to get safer products into the hands of everyone. Whether it’s in skincare, bath & body, or makeup, it’s about “progress – not perfection.” Because every little bit counts.

After watching Beautycounter become more visible in the wellness industry and seeing some of my most trusted friends using the products and sign up as consultants, I decided to dig a little deeper myself. As a health coach who understands the way toxins enter our body (through our food, the air we breathe and the largest organ in our body – the skin), I have been on a quest for years to find things that I trust to use in my home and on my body.  

I cleaned out everything in my home ages ago, but have been jumping around with different makeup companies for years. Getting older and having gone through menopause has NOT made this an easy transition for me! As I watched my skin change with the shift in my hormones, I wanted a product that “understands my needs” for whatever age I am.

I decided to order a starter kit and a few other products relevant to my age and after a few weeks of using them knew I had found something I could get behind.  One of my favorite products is the Charcoal mask.

I am also loving my most recent purchase of a tinted moisturizer:

The company is transparent by giving you access to their ingredient list and a way to look up the products that isn’t sketchy.  They are constantly working to make healthier products and they work with organizations like EWG and Healthy Child Healthy World which gives them even more credibility in my book.

To read their story and what they stand for go here.

“At Beautycounter, we’re committed to a health and safety standard that goes well beyond what’s required by U.S. law: We’ve banned the use of more than 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals through our “Never List”—all while ensuring our products perform and that they’re as indulgent as any other luxe shampoo, lipstick, or oil in the market.”

In summary, with my involvement in these companies, I will not be ingesting supplements and food powders. I will be using make up and essential oils as a compliment to my whole food lifestyle, optimizing my sleep, having fun with my family and friends, continuing my work on stress perception, diving deeper into my spirituality, continuing to move my body in a safe way, and addressing traumas caused by my past.

Because ultimately, essential oils and safe make up don’t mean anything without a firm foundation rooted in the 7 essentials I teach my coaches and clients and practice for myself.

I also want to point out that the recent shifts in multi-level marketing open up a unique opportunity for health coaches who have been looking for a way to make passive income. If you are interested in exploring the opportunity of creating a passive income business through Doterra, Beautycounter or HELO, or are simply interested in talking with me about how the products can benefit your life, please email me at

My stance is firm on multilevel marketing companies that don’t have these core practices in place: transparency, sustainability, non-toxicity, non-carcinogenic, quality products.

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